Brett Harrison

Height / Weight
6' 1" / 172 lbs
June 7th 2003 (17)
Northwood School
NHL 2021 mock draft
Player ranking
Year Rank
2021 24

Tall skinny centre with very good instincts and vision in the offensive zone. A good skater with outstanding knee bend that allows him to use tight moves when in close scoring range. Scored 21 goals in his rookie OHL season in 2019-20. Has a nice deceptive toe drag and finishing shot. Can walk around defenders with in-tight moves. He makes room for himself with super quick pivots that creat separation space between him and defenders. Will capitalize on most rebounds that come his way. Always squares up for the pass and passes the puck well. He is a work in progress when it comes to some aspects of the defensive responsibilities. Strong player is all three zones. Young and expected to add much more muscle, Strong on the puck and very good carrying the puck in tight areas. Plays in all situations and although at this juncture, he might not have a high water mark of top end pro attacker, there is a nice pro release to his rifle.


—Bill Placzek—