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December 23, 2021

Caesars Fantasy Sportsbook Review

Finding the right sportsbook involves careful research, opinions, and other research data collection, followed by the actual use of the particular sportsbook. All these tasks will cost you time and eventually money, which can be better spent elsewhere.

Below is our review of one of the most popular sportsbooks, Caesars Sportsbook. 

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Caesars Sportsbook General Overview

Caesars Sportsbook is a part of the renowned casino and gambling business with over a hundred various gambling-related properties in the United States. Being a part of such a large business family sets Caesars Sportsbook as one of the market leaders in the industry and gives it a unique opportunity to offer its services to many customers nationwide. Something that other similar companies lack, due to the absence of physical presence in many states.  

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This business is endorsed by many pro athletes and celebrities including the Mannings which partnered with Caesars Sportsbook in Nov. 2021.      

Is Caesars Sportsbook Legal?

Until the Murphy v. National Collegiate Athletic Association ruling by the supreme court in 2018, this question was a valid one.  However, since then things changed, and States can now decide for themselves whether to allow sportsbooks or not and to what extent.  

Today, in accordance with a statement from Caesars Sportsbook themselves, they offer their services (and thus can be considered as legal) in 13 states.  

  • Arizona (online)
  • Tennessee (online)
  • Illinois (online and retail)
  • Indiana (online and retail)
  • Iowa (online and retail)
  • West Virginia (online and retail)
  • Michigan (online and retail)
  • Colorado (online)
  • Virginia (online)
  • New Jersey (online and retail)
  • Washington
  • District of Columbia
  • Nevada (online and retail)
  • Louisiana (online)
  • New York (online and retail)
  • Pennsylvania (online and retail)

Being a publicly-traded company and one of the market leaders, there are no reasons not to believe their statement.  Thus we conclude that Caesars Sportsbook is legal in the United States.  

Having said that, your local laws may prohibit the use of Caesars Sportsbook in your state or county.  We advise you to consult with your attorney for a definitive answer.  

Caesars Sportsbook history

The Caesars Group and Sportsbook in particular, according to is the 6th largest gambling company in the world. 

In 1973 it started as an Eldorado Hotel in Reno and since then developed as a gambling company with over 26 locations in the United States.  

In 2019, after the news of the merger between MGM Mirage and Mandalay Resort Group emerged, merger negotiations between Eldorado and Caesars Entertainment Inc commenced.  

In 2020, after the sale of some of its properties belonging to Eldorado and Caesars in the South Lake Tahoe area of Nevada, the Bossier City-Shreveport area of Louisiana, and the Kansas City area of Kansas and Missouri, the Federal Trade Commission approved the merger. Under the merger agreement, the acquiring company Eldorado would change its name to Caesars Entertainment, thus creating the Caesars we know today, including the Sportsbook.  

At the present moment, the company is a publicly-traded company  NASDAQ  and its market cap is valued at just over 19 billion USD.  

Caesars Daily Fantasy Sportsbook key features

A Great Variety Of Sports Offered  

A great variety of sports and markets is available on the Daly fantasy website of the Caesars Sportsbook. Starting from the NFL and ending with Poker.  Just pick your favourite or the one you are best versed at and give it a try.  

Great Variety Of Contests For Each Sport Type

On the date of this review creation, we have counted over 180 contests for NFL only. Thus each player will find the contents to his or her liking   

Info Section For New and return Players 

Having all those questions like how to or what is. Wonder no more.  One of the best informational sections for players of any kind on the market. Just choose your sport for the weekly picks or visit the FAQ or Getting started sections for more trivial questions.  All in one place at Caesars Sportsbook “Strategy” section.

Simple And Straightforward Interface

Caesars is trying to make things as simple as possible. A simplified learning curve here, while maybe criticized by some, provides for less time spent on learning how to use the interface and more time building your beat team.

Player Limits

Being a responsible Sportsbook, Caesars offer their players to manage the limits of their spending.  A feature that you can find in your profile sections of the website.  

Here you can set up your daily, weekly and Monthly sending limits both for the deposit amount, to control your spending and for the Contest entry, to control your risk exposure.  

How To Sign Up for Caesars Sportsbook Account

Being in the business for over 5 decades, Caesars understands that the first impression is almost always the right one. So they made the sign-up process as simple and user friendly as possible. However, they are still a large company offering various gambling products, thus you have to be a little patient to get there.  Or you can use the following direct link to sign up for the Caesars Sportsbook.     

Step 1. Choose Your Location 

In case you end up on the Sportsbook page 

All you need to do is to choose your State of residence and press the “Play NOW” button.  As simple as that. 

For the case of this example, we have chosen “New York”

Step 2. Choosing Play Fantasy Option 

You will be redirected to the next page where you will have to choose the “PLAY FANTASY” option

Step 3. Start Signing Up 

At last, you are where you aimed to be.  The home age of the Caesars Sportsbook service  

Here? All you need to do is press the “SIGN UP” button.  

Step 4. Fill In Your Basic Details 

At this stage, you have two options.  One is to log in with your Facebook account and the other using your Email address.  

For this review, we have opted for email registration. 

Please note that there is a “Have a Promo Code?” button at the bottom of your sign-up screen.  

It’s easy to miss out, but if you press an extra type-in form will appear.  

Here you can punch in your sign up promo code.  

Whenever you’ve filled in the necessary fields, just press “Sign Up”.

Important!!! Take your time with your password. It should be something that you can easily remember but at the same time secure enough. 

Step 5. Welcome to the Caesars Daily Fantasy SportBooks

You will be prompted to the first screen of the Caesars Sportsbook which happens to be an offer to make your first deposit. This is only logical, because you are here to make the bets, and making one without a deposit is impossible.  

However, you can skip this and go directly to the Caesars Sportsbook by pressing “SUPERDRAFT” in the top left corner of the screen.

As your first step here we recommend making a deposit, as it can take some time to process.

The button is on the top right corner of the screen.  

Otherwise, you can explore the system and the first step would be to choose your top sport.  

In any event, you have signed up with the Caesars Sportsbook and we wish you to have wins prevailing over losses and a generally good time.  

How To Deposit Money With Caesars Sportsbook

Once again the button leading to the deposit screen is placed in the top right corner of each page of the Caesars Sportsbook DFS website.  

Press it, and you will be led to the initial deposit page.  

Where you can choose your desired deposit amount.  Note that at the time of this review Caesars Sportsbook offers a first deposit match 100% up to $1,500 deposit bonus.

Choose your sum and press the “Deposit” button.

Verify you account

Choose the payment method 

Fill in the details

And finalize the process

Important to know!!! You can not use a credit or a debit card issued not in your name to deposit into your account 

Key Features Of Depositing At Caesars DFS Sportsbook 

  1. Minimum Deposit - 10$
  2. Processing time - Instant 
  3. Fees - No Fees
  4. You can not use someone else's card to deposit in your account only yours

Please keep in mind that depending on your location, especially if you switch States during travel, depositing may be restricted due to different regulations in your current location. 

How To Withdraw Money From Caesars Sportsbook

Caesars DFS Sportsbook is a large company or part of such, thus you can be more than sure that any proceeds of your activity on their website will be transferred to you no matter what.  However? There are a few things you have to remember.  

  1. The minimum amount you can withdraw is 10$
  2. Any winnings transferred that exceed 600$ have to be reported to IRS
  3. It takes about 24 hours to clear the books and thus for your winnings to show up in your account.  

Step 1. Find Your Profile Page 

Just hover your mouse over your account profile image and choose “Profile”

Step 2. On Your Profile Information Page 

You are going to be redirected to your profile page on the Caesars Sportsbook DFS website.  

Here you can see all your key account details up to and including your 

Your Total Balance 

Your Tickets

You reward Points 

And also here you can gain access to your Ticket Store.  

Step 3. Choose Amount And How You Want Your To Be Sent 

Choose the withdrawal amount

Choose the payment method

And you are done.   

Important !!! Please do keep in mind that it may take between 1 and 8 business days for the funds to appear in your account.

Key Facts About Withdrawing Funds From Caesars Sportsbook 

  1. Minimum Withdrawal Value - 10$
  2. Processing time - 2 to 7 business days
  3. Fees - No Fees

How To Play On Caesars Sportsbook DFS Website

As we have noted, Caesars made every attempt possible to make the experience as seamless and simple as possible.  So the process is quite straightforward

Pick A Sport You're Familiar With 

You would need to choose the sport you are most familiar with or like the most, from the list available.  

Note. The “Featured” option shows contests that offer special prizes or have special offers attached to them.  

As you can see the list of sports is not that long, but still covers all the major ones.  

Enter Contests And Start Winning Real Money 

After choosing your sport you will have to choose a contest, a list of which you can filter using an extensive filter system in the left-hand menu.

Whenever you make your final choice of the contest, just click a button in the right-hand column to enter it.

A word of caution. Analyse your contests carefully and take your time.  Just click on the name of each contest to see extra details about it 

Including information about Prizes, Entrants and Rules of the contest.   

Configure Your Best Lineup 

Simply press “Add” next to the player you want to add to your lineup.  

Please do no miss out on these extra options:

You can

  1. Clear the list if you are too mixed up.  
  2. Manage your team list elsewhere, like excel, and upload the end list. All you need to do is:
  3. Create a preliminary lineup on the website, 
  4. Download it  with further instructions in the CSV format
  5. Manage it however you want
  6. Upload it back again.  

Caesars DFS Sportsbook Reputation Review

Customer support and the way existing users perceive the service are one of the key factors in the decision-making process of switching or choosing a new Sportsbook.  Having said that, it’s important to take into account during that process, that the nature of Sportsbook service dictates the fact that many people will be frustrated with the outcome of their bets and thus will openly demonstrate this frustration. While those that are happy will keep this happiness to themselves.  

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Caesars Sportsbook Support And Customer Service

First things first, before problem escalation we strongly advise visiting Caesars Sportsbook FAQ section, which can help solve some of the most often occurring problems.  

Here at the bottom you can find emails for the customer support of the Caesars Sportsbook.  

As you can see, unlike with many sportsbooks, you don’t need to be logged in with the website or the app to contact them.  

Another means to contact the support team is to go to the bottom of each screen

There is a “Contact Us” button located there.Pressing it, will give you access to a contact form. 

We strongly advise you to use this way to contact the support team, as it gives a little more information to them in the first place, and thus any problem can be solved a little faster.  

Live chat option is available in app

Customer support summary 

  1. Support Email: [email protected], [email protected] 
  2. Phone: Call back request via email or contact form
  3. Support languages: English
  4. Livechat: in app 

Customers Reviews Overview

The primary thing to consider, is that Caesars is primarily an offline casino company with multiple locations countrywide. Thus, as was expected, most reviews are concentrated around their offline business.    

Another couple of things to consider before doing any review research is this.    

  1. People are more inclined to share the negative rather than the positive.  
  2. You always have to read between the lines when you are reading and review

Key Findings 

There is surprisingly little said about the Caesar Sportsbook DFS website and Caesars Sportsbook online presence in general.   

Most of the reviews, both positive and negative, that we have managed to find are all about the Vegas located offline Sportsbook.  

On several forums, we have found reviews like^


As you can see all of them are written by people well versed in the field of sports online betting, and none contain serious negative opinions about  

On the other hand here is one of the negative reviews we have managed to find on 

This review is mostly related to the mixup with one of the promos. Something that should be expected, judging on the sheer volumes of those offers issued almost daily. 

It actually doesn't say whether the customer won or lost his bet. However, we can assume that his frustration was mostly with the latter one. If so, it’s hard to expect customer service to solve that problem and the person's frustration. More so, it demonstrates the commitment of the customer support service to actually help.    

Reviews Takeaways For Caesars Sportsbook DFS Website 

  1. Despite the availability of services like Trustpilot and Yelp, there is surprisingly little reviews on Caesars Sportsbook and its DFS business.  
  2. Caesars are primarily an offline casino business, so any reviews are concentrated around that.
  3. If the Caesars Sportsbook is mentioned, its usually their property in Vegas and thus all the reviews are about that.    . 

Caesars DFS Sportsbook Security And License

Caesars Entertainment is one of the leading companies in the field of gambling, be it that casino or online DFS sportsbook. Also it's a publicly traded company which forces them to be more open and secure, to abide by the rules of a publicly traded company. 

As a fact, we can most definitely say that they are fully licensed, considering the mixup present in the market at the moment.  Also, they are as secure as any company can be in this field of operations, with plenty of experience.

All data on the Caesars DFS Sportsbook website and app is protected by the 256-bit SSL protocol.  

Caesars DFS Sportsbook Review Conclusion

In the end the decision to try out or switch to Caesars DFS Sportsbook is all yours. Our opinion cannot and should not be treated as a guideline.  Having said that, we still recommend to give Caesars DFS Sportsbook a try. They are:

  1. One of the market leaders with plenty of experience in the field
  2. Reliable to the point of survival through the COVID times
  3. With a decent customer support
  4. Has plenty to ffers from the range of sports and ending with a large number of promos.  

Caesars DFS Sportsbook Reliability 

One of the few companies in the gambling niche to go public forces them to be more open to the public.  

Caesars DFS Sportsbook invests heavily into their apps both on IOs and Android. Which is proven by their high ratings.  

4.8 out of 5 rating from over 1 700 reviews. 

In our opinion this is a company that strives for perfection and constantly develops their approaches and software to satisfy their customers.  What else can be a show of reliability?  

Usability Of Caesars  

Usability is a very subjective thing. You and only you can make the final judgement on this.  What's comfortable and user friendly to others may not be so for you and vice versa. However, many people on the web stated Caesars DFS Sportsbook app is extremely user friendly. Best described with this statement from a user named Ronald

So again, from this standpoint, we think that Caesars DFS Sportsbook is worth having a go at it.    

Caesars DFS Sportsbook FAQ

Do you actually win money on Caesars DFS Sportsbook? 

Yes, you do. However, it depends on the level of your skill and experience with the sport you are betting on. 

What is the catch with Caesars DFS Sportsbook? 

The catch is that you have to be cautious and know your ropes. You have to remember that betting or joining a contest where there will be both winners and losers.  So a right mindset and provision for losses are a must. This Is probably the main catch for any player.  

Is Playing On Caesars DFS Sportsbook Legal? 

Yes they are.  

This is stated on Caesars DFS Sportsbook FAQ page and being so, becomes a legally binding information.

How do I get my money out of Caesars DFS Sportsbook? 

With Caesars DFS Sportsbook all you have to do is to visit your Profile page, find the withdrawal link there and then choose the amount and the means of withdrawal.  For more information see the respective section of this review.  

Can I permanently close my account with Caesars Sportsbook at any time? 

You have two options.  

The First is to temporarily block your account yourself for a given period of time.  During that period all activities are stopped at your account and you won’t be able to login and/or participate in any contests.