Sports Betting
May 3, 2022

What is prop betting in sports? Prop betting odds & tips

If you thought that online sports betting was just about predicting which side will win the game, you are wrong. 

Today, there are different kinds of bets where you bet on what happens in a game instead of relying on the outcome. This is known as prop betting.

What is prop betting?

A proposition bet, popularly known as a prop bet, is one of the most interesting aspects of sports betting. This is because it usually has nothing to do with who wins.

Prop bets are popular among gamblers because they provide more action. People also love them because they often have higher payouts. What this means is that there are more opportunities to place orders.

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Prop bets definition

A prop bet is essentially a gamble for something to occur, or not occur, inside a certain sporting event. It is usually unrelated to the final result. It could be anything that occurs during a sporting event.

Prop bets example

Russell Wilson (+140) will throw for more than 245 yards in the Super Bowl in 2022.

How to make a prop bet

Before we can look at exactly how one can make a prop bet, let us first learn how one can shop for the best prop bets out there. 

Many of the prop bets you'll see are common in the prop bets industry. There will be a lot of overlaps in the bets that are available for game, team and player props in any ordinary game. Most bookmarkers will have a variety of each kind of bet. The bets that they select are centered on essential aspects of the game including assists, scoring, and rebounding.

However, this does not imply that bets will be mirrored across the platforms. There will be variations in what is available. The odds associated with the wagers will also be different. When it comes to betting on props, line shopping is the right habit to adopt.

The more popular a game is, the more props it will have. For example, you will find that there are hundreds of NBA props to choose from while an average NHL game only has a couple dozen of options.

When shopping around, consider the layout of the available props. You will find that some operators outdo their competition in this area. You will end up saving much of your time if you have everything sorted out in a logical order.

How to make a prop bet

  1. Log in to your account at the bookmarker. You must first sign in to your operator's account before you can wager.
  2. Select the right category from the drop-down menu. This entails finding the sport on which you want to wager.
  3. Think about your options. When you're getting ready to make a wager, one of the most important things that you should do is research the options. You want a wager you have some knowledge about.
  4. Take the time to do your homework. It cannot be emphasized enough how important research is when it comes to prop bets. You should research every aspect of your bet so that you can make appropriate plans.
  5. Limit your wagers. If you're betting on numerous players, handicapping your alternatives will help you choose the best one.
  6. Add the bet to your list of wagers. Before you can place your bet, most sites need you to add that specific bet to your list. However, some will allow you to go ahead and put an immediate wager.
  7. Next, you should choose a wagering amount.
  8. Finally, place your bet and submit it. Click on submit, bet, or the required button on your betting site once you've completed all of these stages.

Learn what is hedging in sports betting.

Best sports for prop bets

Football NFL Props

Football is the most popular sport in the country when it comes to gambling. There is no professional league that attracts more wagers than the National Football League. It's no wonder that online betting sites have more NFL prop markets than any other sport.

There may even be multiple variations of a single NFL prop bet. Winning margin prop betting markets, for example, are offered in a variety of ways. However, this depends on the site.

NFL prop bets can come from;

  1. Touchdown scorer
  2. Pass attempts/completions
  3. Passing/ receiving yards
  4. Total receptions
  5. Rushing attempts, etc

Consider this scenario; Tom Brady Over or Under 275.5 Passing Yards

Here, oddsmakers have set Brady's prop for passing yards below 300 yards based on his performances this season.

The trick on passing yards props is that it's usually the same or close to the same on both sides. However, when it comes to football touchdown props, things are different. Because they are a rare occurrence, they are often set to one side, for example, (Over -120/Under +110).

Props based on the past statistics of how a player performed have low odds when compared to traditional totals wager. Parlay betting, which combines the total, a side and a selection of specific scorers, is one of the more profitable NFL prop markets.

Every week of the NFL season, there are dozens of NFL prop bets available for each game. The markets get bigger when the postseason and Super Bowl come around.

More examples of NFL prop bets

  1. Will there be a safety issue in the sporting event - yes/no?
  2. How many total receptions will Hopkins have - over/under 4.5?
  3. Which team will have more rushing yards - Cleveland Browns or Pittsburgh Steelers?

Baseball MLB

A baseball prop bet is a gamble that has nothing to do with the outcome of a game.

An MlB prop bet, like other prop bets, is a gamble on some "proposition,". The wager is made for entertainment purposes, but there is plenty of possibility for profit. This is particularly true for baseball.

Examples of MLB prop bets

  1. How many strikeouts will Clayton throw? OVER/UNDER 4.5
  2. Will Turner steal a base? OVER/UNDER 5.5
  3. How many hits will Mookie have? OVER/UNDER 2.5
  4. Which team will score two runs first? - This game prop can be found where there are props for which team will score a certain number of runs first.

This last example may vary by game depending on the specific pitching matchups. Nevertheless, it is an interesting prop to consider because some teams have a reputation for great starts.

Basketball NBA

The NBA comes second, after the NFL, for most props to pick from. There are many opportunities to wager on basketball props. This is mostly because there are many games which are played every night for months.

Whether a gambler is interested in player props or team props, there is an infinite number of markets to pick from.

Gamblers can bet on:

  1. First basket scorer
  2. Player to make three-point field goals
  3. Player points + rebounds
  4. Player points + assists
  5. Player performance doubles
  6. Player vs. player stats
  7. Alternate totals
  8. Spread points parlays
  9. First or second half moneyline
  10. Quarter moneyline
  11. Winning margin
  12. Player to make three-point field goals

Examples of NBA prop bets

Kevin Durant Over or Under 29.5 Points: Oddsmakers have calculated that Durant will score about 29-30 points in his upcoming game based on his past and current performance.

You can bet that he will go over or under the given figure. Mostly the given lines will correspond to the player's season scoring average.

  1. Will there be a need for extra innings to decide the game -  yes/no?
  2. How many hits plus walks for Mike Trout - over/under 2.5?

How much do you win

You win based on the odds of the prop bet that you place.

If you placed a bet that an NFL player will score over or under 1.5 touchdowns and let's say that both sides pay out at -110.

Then for a $100 bet, you get $90.91 in profit. However, these bets might have varying payouts at times.

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Best prop betting strategies

Look for matchups

It is important that you take the time to dig into each teams' strengths and weaknesses. This will help you determine which props are most likely to play into those outcomes. But in doing so, you will be looking for value in the prop markets. 

For example, a squad that struggles to rebound could be beaten up on the glass by the opposing center or an injured cornerback might set up a rival receiver. Basically, you need to learn what makes teams tick and how to apply that information in the prop odds.

Money management

With so many props on the board, you might become excited about the number of bets that you are placing. During major events such as the Super Bowl, you might be tempted to take it a notch higher. However, it is advisable that you stop betting based on your emotions. 

The right way to go about it is to set aside a portion of your money specifically for betting. Divide out your props. This is a clever technique that makes it easy to track the success of your props separately.

Shop around

It's never a bad idea to have numerous betting sites. This is, especially the case, when it comes to prop betting. You will find that odds will be comparable from one sportsbook to the next while prop odds will vary greatly. If possible, it is advisable that you look for the props that support your point of view.

Use derivative theory

It's important to remember that props are derived from game lines and totals. As a result, as lines change, we should adapt our expectations for props accordingly.

But, once again, this isn't always the case. You can profit by swooping in swiftly in response to market movements.

Line shopping, which is always important, is considerably more important in prop betting than in other sorts of wagers. Prop markets can fluctuate dramatically from one bookmaker to the next, unlike an NFL spread, which normally settles on a market consensus value. On the same quarterback's throwing yardage, there could be a difference of up to 25 yards between two bookmakers' markets.

Invest in postseason props 

All betting sites broaden the scope of their props during the postseason. This increase in the number of possibilities is a gift for sports bettors.

It gives you permission to boost your investment from game to game.

Focusing on the postseason is the way to go if you're only going to bet props for a while. You will find that even the NFL, which does an excellent job of providing props during the regular season, experiences a drop in props during the postseason.

Prop betting FAQ

What does prop bet mean?

A prop bet is a bet that allows you to bet on different aspects of a game or event instead of being based on the outcome of the game like most other types of bets.

Are prop bets good bets?

Yes, prop bets are good for various reasons.

First, they don't need you to predict the game's outcome in advance. To get a reward, all you need is for something to happen in the game.

Prop bets are less likely to pay off than moneyline or point spread wagers. As a result, the odds on most prop bets are higher, giving you a better chance of winning.

Some sportsbooks will even give you an option of requesting odds that you want. Choose a sportsbook that offers "request a bet" alternatives if you have a sense that something specific will happen but can't find a betting market for it.

Why do they call it a prop bet?

Prop bets, or proposition bets are named so because they are sports bets in which the sportsbook proposes an event. You then wager on whether or not that event will occur. You win if you are correct. If you're wrong, you'll lose your stake in the bet.

What are player prop bets?

Player props are bets that gamblers make by looking at the performance of a player in a specific game. Most of them are built based on how the player did such as the touchdowns or yards that he or she had in a game.