Updated March 21, 2023

Best Sports Betting Apps in Canada for 2023

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Today were going to cover some more betting information for our Canadian brothers up north, were going to take a look at what are the best betting apps available to out northern brothers and sisters in the year 2023. 

Much like America, sports betting has recently become legal and because of that a wave of sports books and apps have hit the country like a tsunami, so lets take a look at what apps are available, which ones are the best ones, and what makes them the best sports betting apps available to Canada.

Why use a Sports Betting app

So why would you want to use a sports betting app? To put it very simple, they generally much easier to use then a website. 9 out of 10 times using going to a website on the phone would require a lot of unnecessary steps to get he best experience you need out of the sports book.

Typically its a lot of unneeded scrolling, shrinking and expanding of areas so that you can see things probably. Apps are created specially for the phone to give the use the best experience possible.

Criteria for selecting the best sports betting apps in Canada

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For the most part were looking at some basic things when it comes to the quality of a sports book app. But if all apps were created equally we wouldn’t need this wonderful article now would we? In this day and age you would think putting an app together with what you assume would be good quality and functionality would be common sense, but its not, some of these books really missed the mark when it comes to their apps. But maybe that’s an article for another time, here were just focusing on the the good, not the bad. 

  1. Appearance - I think we can all agree none of want to look at something ugly all day. (not that I gamble all day)
  2. Functionality - Obviously how well something works is important, is it laggy, do things work smoothly, am I missing bets because its taking forever to load?
  3. Financial - Is the book easy to make a deposit with, and is it equally as easy to get my money back?
  4. Options - People love options, its just human nature, does the book have all betting markets, does it have all the types of wagers I would like to make within those markets. 
  5. Customer Service - Things happen when betting, sometimes a bet is graded wrong, maybe a bonus isn’t applied to a bet we made, any number of things, When those issues occur are they dealt with, and are they dealt with quickly and efficiently. 

Top Nationally Available Sports Betting Apps In Canada

Technically speaking Northern Canada sits in a bit of a grey area when it comes to sports betting. While its technically not legal to bet using an offshore book. there are no laws per say preventing users from using offshore books. So ill be covering a few of the more popular legal books for the South, and a few popular offshore choices for the North. 


As I mentioned in an article I recently did reviewing the overall quality of sports books I made mention of BetVictor on that list, when speaking on the quality of the sports book as a whole I also spoke on the amazing quality of the app. So it makes perfect since to have this on the top out out list. 

  1. Appearance - When it comes to the look of BetVictor you can’t really beat it. While most books now a days seem to be a soft of cut and copy of each other save for a few different colors, BetVictor really sticks out. Regardless of where you are its easily one of the sharpest looking betting apps you will ever come across. 
  2. Functionality - Along with he sharp look of it, the functionality is also great. A lot of reason certain books do you a basic cut and paste style is because they want it to run as smooth as possible, And sometimes the ascetics of a betting app can cause it not to run as well as you would like it. But there are no sacrifices made here. This app runs great. 
  3. Financial  - It doesn’t have the most options of any book, but it does have the most popular and most basic options available to it making depositing pretty easy, withdrawal is fairly simple as well and no matter what option you do so it generally doesn’t take any longer then 5 days to receive your money. 
  4. Options - Pretty much every betting market is covered here so you don’t need to swim between apps to find what you want to bet on. They also have some of the sharpest odds around, very comparable to pinnacle. The early cash out option is always great when you’re worried about that last leg of your 25 teamer, and the quick bet options make sure you don’t miss any bets you’re a little late on making. 
  5. Customer Service - They also have one of the best customer service teams around. They’re available 24/7 for when you accidentally take the money line instead of the spread at 4 in the morning during a KBO baseball game. You can contact them on twitter, they even have their own dedicated text message service which is pretty unique. 


Also mention in my article was the powerhouse 888Sport. They make the very bold statement they have the best app in the industry and that’s not really too far off from the truth, 888sport is a great product. Period. 

  1. Appearance - While 888sport falls slightly into that “cup and copy” sport book app style I mentioned, they probably do it better then anyone else. The overall appearance is just beautiful. The colors really work together, everything is incredibly sharp and its easy on the eyes to look at over an extended period of time. 
  2. Functionality - When it comes to functionality you can’t really do much better then this. To the Canadian counterparts I’ve spoken to researching this product none of them ever had any kind of complaint to give me, everything runs smooth, there’s really no lag of any kind and very rarely does it crash. Even after long periods of use. 
  3. Financial - Again, this isn’t the app with the most options in the world however it does have the most basic ones making depositing easy, you won’t get dinged with additional fees and the deposits are instant. On the other end withdrawing money takes a little bit more time then you would like it. But its still a fairly painless process, and they also add the option of withdrawing to PayPal to the mix. 
  1. Options - The app provides every betting market you you could ask for as well as a very extensive poker area for those who like casino play. While not as sharp as some books it also offers some of the better lines in the Industry. The casino area also might be the best of any app currently available no matter where you are. 
  2. Customer Service - Over the last few years coaster service wasn’t really their strong point, but they have absolutely upped their game. The customer service area is very easy to navigate and had a numbers easy to access articles to answer question before you might have to get in contact with someone. They also probably respond to e-mails quicker then anyone in the industry. They only slight downside is their is no live support, but the response time every where else makes up for it. 


Bet365 has been an absolute monster in the betting industry for years and years. Canadians working in the “grey area” have always loved the book, and I don’t think I need to speak on its popularity all across Europe. 

  1. Appearance - Bet365 has always and will always be one of the most popular books in existence, however its appearance is certainly not a reason for that. It’s probably the most dull of any of the apps you will ever use. But the look of something has nothing to do with how great the book or app is overall. 
  1. Functionality - For as poor as the app looks it functions equally as great, bet365 doesn’t really miss a step with how things work. The lack of attention to detail as far as the appearance goes makes so the app runs well a well oiled machine at pretty much all times. It has probably more betting markets then 90% of the available apps operating in a grey market or not. Its really a great product
  2. Financial - Like most other apps, this one doesn’t have a massive amount of options, they have the most basic ones, they just probably work better here then anywhere else. Depositing is effortless and so is withdrawing. PayPal is available on both sides which slightly sets it apart from some other apps. Its also very common that you can get your money in a days time which is always a plus. 
  3. Options - You don’t become one of the biggest books in the world without offering just about everything under the son to keep your customers happy. When it comes to in-play betting options I don’t believe any book or app anywhere compares to what they offer. 
  4. Customer Service - To an earlier point, you don’t become one of the biggest books in the world if you can’t keep the people happy. The help section is enormous  and the customer service is 24/7 and very responsive. 

Best Regional Sports Betting Apps In Canada

For those who choose not to operate in the grey area, or have the option not to, legalized betting in Canada has opened the door for some of the biggest and best apps in the world to become available to them. At this point in 2023 Canadians have access to pretty much every major sports book at this point. So lets get into it and see which one is the best for our Canadian brothers and sisters. ‘


What can we really say about DK that most don’t already know, DraftKings is awesome. 

  1. Appearance - Draftkings is very easy on the eyes. I prefer using DarkMode personally, but either way its defiantly not an eye sore by any means. 
  2. Functionality - The app functions very very well. It takes quite a bit of use for it to get slowed down by cache, overall the experience is very smooth. There are search bars to help you when you can’t find something, and all the major sports and sporting events are generally pointed out in 1 area so you have quick access to all the big stuff going on at the time.
  3. Financial - The upside of using a legal app is they generally have a ton of financial options, it would probably be easier for me to make a list of the options they don’t have, instead of the ones they do seeing as they pretty much cover everything. All major cards, direct bank deposits, moneygram, Play+, the list goes on. When it comes to withdrawing a lot of times its done within a few hours. 
  4. Options - DraftKings is filled with options, although sometimes the exact amount of options if different from person to person based on where their location. DK is an industry leader in betting markets and options for those betting markets. They do slack slightly in teasers but make up for it in alternate line options. 
  1. Customer Service - Customer service is generally great and very responsive. If you navigate your way through the tiers program you get access to even better customer service then the average person has available to them. 


As a Canadian you should automatically know something is good when “The Great One” Wayne Gretzky puts his stamp of approval on something. BetMGM has always been a very popular app due to is extensive options for betting. They don’t rally miss anything when it comes to that area, and people love it because of that. 

  1. Appearance - The overall look of the app isn’t bad. It keeps the same color scheme as the popular casinos. Its not quite as sharp as some apps, but its defiantly not one of the worst
  1. Functionality - Its unfortunate that this app doesn’t work that great, because if it did it could easily make an argument for being the best app on the market. The app is pretty clunky and and freezes after a good usage period which is something most users report. 
  2. Financial - Like most other big books we get the same theme here when it comes to making deposits and withdrawals, tons of options and a good response time on both ends. 
  3. Options - The extensive number of options is the reason this book make this list. Especially when you consider how poorly it functions. I might have dig a little deeper another point, but at this time I am pretty sure BetMGM has the most betting market and options, and it makes overlooking any other problems they have not that much of an issue.
  4. Customer Service - Unfortunately the costumer service isn’t that great unless you use the chat options. E-Mails take about 24 hours to respond to and phone calls can be quite lengthy. The chat based customer service is very good though.


Another big player in the regional betting market is FanDuel, when it comes to overall package it might not excel in any specific area, but its good in pretty much all of them.

  1. Appearance - FanDuel is super easy on the eyes with the blow color scheme, regardless of if you’re using light or dark mode. 
  1. Functionality - FanDuel runs smooth at pretty much all times, however after an extended use it does have to be closed and re-opened sometimes. 
  2. Financial - FanDuel is so filled up with betting options they even have Venmo available as an option. Withdrawing using them is easy as well and doesn’t take much time at all. Sometimes its through Venmo after making your first initial withdrawal. 
  3. Options - FanDuel has a great amount of markets, but where they really shine is in the vast number of betting options, when it comes to that they have a ton, they also have a very popular 14 point teaser option that is incredibly popular with  the people. 
  4. Customer Service - Customer service is pretty top tier when it comes to FanDuel, their response time is good regardless of what option you choose, and they generally do what they can to help the user get things right and come out with a favorable outcome. 

App Comparison 

Now that we have a rundown of the top apps both regionally and nationally, lets see how they stack up against each other

To National Betting Apps

AppearanceFunctionalityFinancialOptionsCustomer Service

Top Regional Betting Apps 

AppearanceFunctionalityFinancialOptionsCustomer Service

*Each category is graded 1-5 5 Being the best in terms of quality. 

Are Sports Betting Apps Legal In Canada

Technically speaking sports betting apps are legal in Canada, at least for the lower part. There is a strange back and forth going on right now where one part of Canada is allowing sports betting, but not Daily Fantasy sports, meanwhile the other half is allowing Daily Fantasy Sports, but not “legal” gambling. 

Pretty much all of Canada prior to the legalizing was operating in a grey area, where the use of offshore sports book was not punishable by law. Since the legalization, Northern Canada still operates in this grey area although they can legally play Daily Fantasy Sports while the south can’t 

How Do I Download And Sign Up To A Sports Betting App

The first thing you should do before downloading anything is research the app and decide what suits you. 

  1. Does the app have the markets you want?
  2. Do they have the bets I want to make
  3. Is it enjoyable to look at
  4. Is it easy to use

All of these things are very important when you’re losing into what betting app you want to use. I personally use certain apps for different reasons. Because I also heavily play DFS I prefer to use DraftKings because the overall combination of sports betting and Daily Fantasy sports meets everything I want in a book, But, ill also overlook the clunkiness of BetMGM because they have the best hockey lines available to me and one of my favorite sports to bet on is hockey. 

After you’ve decided what needs you need me the book you want. Typically there is a download link directly on the website of whatever sports book you choose to use. If for some reason you can’t find the link more often then not you can look in the Android or IOS stores and find a betting app with the exact same name of whatever sports book it is you choose to go with. 

One key thing to remember is to make sure you have you two forms of ID available to you. Most books, especially the legal ones require you verify who you are as a person before signing up. This is especially important because pretty much no book, legal or illegal, will allow you to withdraw any money without verify the end user. 


Canada still has a little ways to go before gambling is completely legal everywhere, im not quite sure what the reason is behind allowing gambling in 1 area and DFS in another, but maybe that’s an article for another time. 

Luckily regardless of where you live you have options available to you. Always make sure do your research beforehand on the product youre doing to use. A lot books will make a lot of promises when it comes to trying to get members to sign up so make sure they follow through on those promises. 

Always make sure you’re betting responsibly, regardless of if you want to become a pro or are doing this sheerly for entertainment never gamble anything you can’t lose. For most of us that’s the inevitable result. 


Are sports betting apps legal in Canada

Sports betting apps are completely legal to Southern Canada 

What’s the best betting app in Canada.

It might not be technically the best, but the most popular app is Bet365. 

What betting apps are legal in Canada

Since going legal pretty much all the major apps are available. DraftKings, Fanduel, William Hill, BetMGM, ect.

Can you use DraftKings in Canada.

Technically yes, however the gambling part is only available to Southern Canada, while the DFS part is available to Northern Canada.

Does Bet365 work in Canada

Yes, there are technically no laws against using offshore books anywhere in Canada

What is the best sports betting app in Canada

Probably BetVictor because it has the sharpest lines available. 

What is the best sports betting app on Android

888sport probably offers the best Android app.

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