Updated September 17, 2023
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NFL Playoff Odds 2023

As the regular season continues, bettors can now wager on NFL 2022 playoff odds. Some of the teams that were seen at last year's playoffs, such as the Pittsburgh Steelers and Dallas Cowboys, seem to be out of form; other clubs such as the Buffalo Bills and Green Bay Packers are considered Super Bowl favorites.

Bettors can use futures odds to bet on which teams will or won't make the playoffs. This guide gives a clear picture of all the recent playoff odds you can wager on.

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AFC Playoff Betting Odds

TeamDivisionOdds to Make NFL PlayoffsOdds to Miss Playoffs
Buffalo BillsAFC East-2000+1100
Kansas City ChiefsAFC West-455+345
Miami DolphinsAFC East-400+310
Baltimore RavensAFC North-250+205
Indianapolis ColtsAFC South-125+105
Denver BroncosAFC West-120+100
Los Angeles ChargersAFC West-110+110
Cincinnati BengalsAFC North+118-140
Cleveland BrownsAFC North+126-150
Jacksonville JaguarsAFC South+130-155
Tennessee TitansAFC South+175-210
Las Vegas RaidersAFC West+345-455
Pittsburgh SteelersAFC North+550-800
New York JetsAFC East+1000-1800
Houston TexansAFC West+1500-4000
New England PatriotsAFC EastNANA

NFC Playoff Betting Odds

TeamDivisionOdds to Make NFL PlayoffsOdds to Miss Playoffs
Philadelphia EaglesNFC East-1600+900
Tampa Bay BuccaneersNFC South-1000+650
Green Bay PackersNFC North-400+320
Los Angeles RamsNFC West-335+260
Minnesota VikingsNFC North-267+215
San Francisco 49ersNFC West-155+130
Dallas CowboysNFC East-130+110
New Orleans SaintsNFC South+185-225
New York GiantsNFC East+205-250
Detroit LionsNFC North+280-340
Washington CommandersNFC East+310-400
Carolina PanthersNFC South+450-600
Chicago BearsNFC North+450-600
Atlanta FalconsNFC South+800-1400
Seattle SeahawksNFC West+1200-2400
Arizona CardinalsNFC West+330-430

Best NFL Playoff Betting sites

Not all websites are created equal when it comes to football online betting! Some websites are much better than others, and several completely stand out from the rest. Picking which website you want to use for your online NFL betting usually depends on which sites are active in your state and what features they have that interest you.

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DraftKings is a popular online sportsbook that allows users to bet on different sports games. DraftKings is not only one of the most popular online sportsbooks but is definitely in a league of its own. The people who use DraftKings are incredibly loyal to it and love that it is a user-friendly interface with an app for their smartphone.


Betting on DraftKings is pretty straightforward. The first thing that you must do is create your DraftKings account. Once you have created your DraftKings account, you can browse different games open for bedding. DraftKings has more than just football; you can bet on various things on their website and smartphone app.


Initiating a deposit on DraftKings is very simple. You must have a DraftKings account that is active and legal within your region. You can go into your account and deposit money onto your DraftKings account. Next, you can begin bedding with the money you deposited.


Withdrawing money from DraftKings is very similar to depositing it. When you win money on DraftKings, it will stay in your account on the website. You must access your account and the screen where your deposits and withdrawals are created to withdraw. Here you can take out the money you want from DraftKings.To withdraw money from DraftKings, you must have a credit card or bank account associated with the account, which is where the money will go.

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FanDuel is a popular sports betting website and app nearly as popular as DraftKings. FanDuel has been around for several years and has made quite the name in the sports betting industry. It is an easy-to-use website, with a smartphone app and a comprehensive interface. 


Betting on FanDuel is as easy as 1, 2, and 3! The first thing you must do is set up a FanDuel account. To do that, FanDuel and sports betting must be legal in your area. After you set up your account, you can browse games that are open for betting. Once you find a game you want to wager on, you can place your bet!


Thankfully, starting a deposit on FanDuel is the piece of cake. You must log in to your FanDuel account and navigate to the web page showing you your account information. From there, you can select the options that bring you to the deposit and withdrawal web page, where you can deposit money into your account.


FanDuel makes it very easy to withdraw your money. You can access the money saved from your winnings in your account by navigating to the web page with your account information, then navigating to the web page allowing you to withdraw your money. To withdraw money from FanDuel, you also must have a place for it to go, so you need to have a credit card or a bank number associated with your account.


PointsBet is another popular sports wedding website that allows users to bet on various games, in different betting styles, and with complete security. People enjoy how simple it is to use and appreciate the security and attention to detail that the website provides. 


You can bet on PointsBet by depositing money into your account, searching a football game to bet on, or browse around the website to see what games are open for betting now!


Like other websites, creating a deposit on PointsBet requires you to have money deposited into your PointsBet account and a game you wish to bet on. You can deposit money easily and once you have done that, you can bet on any game that is open to take wagers!


To withdraw money from PointsBet, navigate to your account information and select the option that takes you to the withdrawal screen. You can access your winnings from here and select where you want the money to be sent.


Bet MGM is a popular online casino and sportsbook that has a wide range of users. Many people enjoy the games and the fun graphics on the screen during gameplay, and of course, they like the winnings! Bet MGM offers various NFL betting opportunities and styles, so there is something for everyone.


Making a bet on Bet MGM is very simple. First, you must have money deposited into your Bet MGM account that you can use to place your wagers on football games or use at casino games. You can explore the football games open for betting or search one up. You can look at the games and select a game to play.


You can easily deposit on Bet MGM by accessing your account information. You must navigate to the web page that allows you to deposit the money within your account information page. You can use your bank information, debit or credit card, or another payment method and deposit money into your account.


Withdrawing money from Bet MGM is an easy process. First, you must enter your account information and access the web page that allows you to view your winnings. From there, you can select withdrawal and set up a bank account or card for sending the money. 

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Best NFL Playoff Betting strategy

The NFL playoffs are here, and it's time to start taking a look at your favorite teams' chances of making it to the playoff. While many people are focused on the best possible lineup of players who can help them win, there are many other factors that can play into your team's success. If you're looking for a solid strategy for betting on the NFL playoffs, consider these strategies:

Know the Teams. Before you start making bets, make sure you know which teams will be playing in each game and who their opponents are. This will help you decide which teams have more chances of winning and which ones do not.

Factor in injuries during the regular season. If a player goes down with an injury during the regular season, does this impact their performance once they return from injury? Some players may be able to bounce back quickly from an injury and perform well again without missing any games; others may take longer than expected to recover from an injury and still be able to perform their best when they return. This can make all the difference in determining how the match will turn up.

If you want winnings from betting, then it is important that you understand how long each team has been doing well, especially during the last playoffs. This helps you predict whether or not they will be able to continue with the records.


A detailed report will open your eyes to what aspects of betting you are doing well at and aspects you’re struggling with. Keep track of the date, type of bet, amount, odds and spreads, outcomes, and all other important comments. 

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Underdog bets are a fun and risky way to spice up your NFL betting life. Everybody loves an underdog that pulls through at the last minute and makes a great upset on an established champion, and underdog betting can sometimes give you a fantastic payout if it works out. Underdog bets bet on the Moneyline or the spread and lie on the team you expect to lose.


Don’t let your excitement cause you to jump into a bet too soon. Choosing the right NFL betting platform requires some research and patience to ensure you’re getting the best deal. Compare the types of bets you’re interested in, all associated fees, and potential payouts.


The betting market is made up of thousands of individuals, many of whom are trying to outsmart all the others. Nobody has been able to beat this system by developing superior models. In fact, playing by the market rules pays off if you know how to spot the right opportunities.

NFL Playoff FAQ

Who's favored to win the 2022 NFL Super Bowl?

The Buffalo Bills are one of the best teams in the AFC right now and have a great chance at making it out of their conference again, so they might be able to make it into the final eight of this year's playoffs. If they do qualify for Super Bowl 2022 by doing so, then they will have a higher chance of winning the competition.

What are the odds of the Bengals making the playoffs?

The odds that the Bengals are making the playoffs is 1.87. They are one the favorites and it is advised bettors make a proper research before placing bets.

What are the odds of the Lions making the playoffs?

The odds that the Detroit Lions are making the playoffs is 5.50. This means they are less likely to feature at the playoff compared to the favorites.

What teams are favored to go to the Super Bowl?

Teams who could qualify for the Super Bowl include: Pittsburgh Steelers, Buffalo Bills, Green Bay Packers, Baltimore Ravens, San Francisco 49ers,  New England Patriots and Minnesota Vikings.

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