Yegor Spiridonov

Height / Weight
6' 2" / 190 lbs
January 22nd 2001 (21)
NHL 2019 mock draft
Draft Type Round Pick Team
Projection 4 108
Every viewing of this solid Russian centreman had been positive even though he is not considered a big time impact prospect, just a physical one who takes care of business efficiently one at both ends of the ice, with a technically sound and responsible game while the marquee guys gets the glory. He is always there to lend a hand to his defenders and is tall and a rangy skating style that allows him to carry and eat up ice. He is rugged and takes hit to make plays, will hold the biscuit that extra second to freeze defenders and allow teammates to fill the soft areas. A tenacious penalty-killer, he has yet to show strong offensive upside. If this player was part of a North American program he would be heralded and taken a lot earlier. Lots to like as a team’s later round investment.

—Bill Placzek—
Player ranking
Year Rank
2019 76

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