Xavier Bourgault

Height / Weight
5' 11" / 166 lbs
October 2nd 2002 (18)
NHL 2021 mock draft
Player ranking
Year Rank
2021 25

Cerebral finesse centre with soft hands and finishing ability. Smart on the sheet and displays three zone hockey sense each shift. On the attack, he disguises his intentions, beatvthe opposing defenders off the rush with his top end gear and slick stick and skate moves. Excellent offensive instincts that lead to great looks for his teammates. Runs the power play from the half wall. Has good size, but his forte isn’t a physical style, but smart reactions to what he is given and his ability to saucer pucks to his line mates and create space by drawing coverage to his earlier possessions. Makes an effort in three zones but there is work to do in building a stronger defensive side.


—Bill Placzek