William Villeneuve

Height / Weight
6' 1" / 165 lbs
March 20th 2002 (20)
Player ranking
Year Rank
2020 45

Smooth skating defenseman with good size and skill. Cerebral defender who plays big minutes in all situations with a complete non-flashy game. Very effective in one on one situations with good anticipation and an active stick. Fundamentally sound in the defemsive zone and maintains good gaps in the defensive entires. Reads the ice well, and on the power play, he sees the attack and distributes the puck effectively. Will hit teammates who enter the open seams in coverage with set ups thatr lead to quality looks. Sees plenty pof time as a penalty-killer too. Will need to gain strength against bigger attackers add power to his stride. Has a frame that that has rtoom get much bigger. 



--Bill Placzek---