Quinton Byfield

Height / Weight
6' 3" / 214 lbs
August 24th 2002 (18)
NHL 2020 mock draft
Player ranking
Year Rank
2020 2

Big skilled and a really good skater at 220 plus pounds. A scorer who has no problem getting the biscuit to his teammates. Has played some wing, so it wouldn't be surprising to see him broken in there, with the eventual goal as him being your team's big centre who matches up against the top centres around the NHL. But I could easily argue the opposite that he may be plug and play NHL centre with a terrific set of wheels, jump and offensive creativity that he finds a NHL home quickly. A big man with finesse and physicality, and those commodities still are precious to NHL team roster to balance the swift and shifty lighterweights populating line-ups. In the same ways that Kirby Dach was able to gain zone entires and win puck battles to take back pucks in the attack zone, he can be a presence and player to be reckoned with. I think Byfield Very strong on the puck and light enough on his edges to get room on the attack, he pushed back the opposing defense and commands respect with his possessions. Possesses game breaking skill and quick hands to play the game fast. One of the best players in this class, and a leader in the room. Has a huge upside.He needs very little space to get a teammate the puck while he is being leaned on by the opposition, or get off his wrist shot, using one of the best rteleases in the class. Highly skilled, hard to stop big man who is by far the best cosolation prize any team has seen after that number one option is selected.


--Bill Placzek--