Francesco Pinelli

Height / Weight
6' 0" / 176 lbs
April 11th 2003 (18)
NHL 2021 mock draft
Player ranking
Year Rank
2021 21

A powerful competitor who has excellent scoring ability and touch in close. Wins contested pucks in all areas of the ice. Crashes and bangs and is tireless in his pursuit, and gets full leg extension to get into his top gear. Use his fame to reach in and take pucks away. A gym and rink rat who wants to continue to improve his game in all phases. Gets a lot of quick shots on the opposing goalers before they are set. Has excellent puck control at top speed, and is one of the top two-way forward who always plays stong on the puck. Is a good possession player who can work down through the defense check downs and surprise.


—Bill Placzek