Conner Roulette

Height / Weight
5' 11" / 175 lbs
May 13th 2003 (17)
Left Winger
NHL 2021 mock draft
Player ranking
Year Rank
2021 18

A tough WHL winger who has excellnet straight line speed, playmaking ability and a nose for the net. Has patience with the puck in his carries. He goes to the hard areas with it and doesnt back down to physicality. A good board player who can rocket from the sidewall back in to the middle when fortunes turn. Is good at taking passes out of the area, and corralling them into possessions. Seems to be in the right areas and gets good opportunities because of it. Good tape to tape passer. Supports his teammates on the rush and staggers his zone entires. Sidenote;:he is an indigenous player, as his father is part of Sandy Bay First Nation Ojibway and his mother is from the Grand Rapids Cree Nation.


--Bill Placzek--