April 27, 2021

DeVonta Smith on Weight Concerns: 'We're Not Bodybuilders'

DeVonta Smith has had enough of the concerns over his slight frame.

Throughout the pre-draft process, the 6-foot wide receiver — who weighed in at a svelte 166 pounds at his medical checkup in Indianapolis this month — has faced questions about how he'll be able to hold up physically in the NFL.

Smith issued a strong response to those concerns Tuesday on NFL Network's "Good Morning Football."

"We play football," Smith said. "We're in a football business. We're not weightlifting. We're not bodybuilders. It's football. That's what we're here for. All the other stuff is irrelevant."

While the NFL has transitioned to a more spread-out game that emphasizes speed and athleticism, Smith's size is clearly a red flag. If he becomes a WR1, he'd be one of the few outliers to do it at his size. And the fact that he didn't do any athletic testing this offseason makes it even harder for teams to evaluate his pro potential. 

But perhaps Smith really is an outlier like Hall of Famer Marvin Harrison was. 

The Heisman Trophy-winner proved he could dominate in key moments when he obliterated Ohio State in last season's National Championship Game, racking up 215 receiving yards and three touchdown catches. 

In our 2021 NFL Mock Draft, Smith is projected to be selected No. 11 by the New York Giants

Photo: Getty Images