October 4, 2021

Ranking the 10 Greatest College Football Helmets Ever

One of the best parts about college football is all the awesome uniforms and helmet designs. This got me thinking, what are the coolest helmets in college football?

Well, fear not, I have gone through all the teams in college football and have personally ranked the 10 best helmets. I have played on teams with bad helmets, and it is deflating. If you are a fan of any of these 10 teams congratulations to you.

Anyway, enjoy the art show.

10. Michigan Wolverines

Michigan tweaked their helmets in 2015 when they partnered with the Jordan brand and it is a big reason Big Blue is ranked No. 10. The navy on the helmet is darker while the helmet stickers in between the famous winged helmet just look awkward. They changed up their entire uniform design in 2015 and it just does not fit. The old uniforms were classic and they somehow made the colors maize and blue look good together. 

However, this list is all about helmets, and they still have one of the most unique designs in football, so they definitely belong. 

9. Alabama Crimson Tide

There is just something spectacular about a simple helmet that just has that player's numbers on the side. It also helps that Alabama's helmets have not changed in 60 years.

It is simple, it is sharp, and it is very recognizable. The crimson and white stand out to make this a solid helmet. 

8. North Carolina Tarheels: Carolina Blues

"Carolina Blue" might be the best color of all time, and it is a big reason why North Carolina made this list. If this were a full uniform ranking, the Carolina blue helmets and pants with the white jerseys would be No. 1, it is such a strong look. 

The logo is also very slick and it has become a widely recognized brand in college sports. One could argue that is because of the basketball program, but we are talking about some football right now, and that logo and those colors make this a top-10 helmet.

7. Texas Longhorns

The Longhorn first appeared on a Texas helmet in 1962 and it has been one of the best helmets since then. The burnt orange silhouette is gorgeous and the logo is just sensational. The white and burnt orange really pop.

As I said before, I am always a fan of numbers on helmets, and the numbers on the back are a classic look and a homage to a program that likes to live in the past. 

I am sorry Longhorn nation, you did not deserve that, but it is true. 

6. Stanford Cardinal: White Helmet

Something about that shade of red makes the Stanford helmet a great look. The well-detailed tree logo is also one of the more underrated designs in all of sports. With a beautifully designed block-S, which is a top-tier block-letter, this helmet always looks good even though Stanford kind of stinks. 

5. Notre Dame Fighting Irish (Only at Night)

Watching Notre Dame play at noon is like staring into an eclipse. It is just too much sun reflecting off a shiny-gold helmet. There is no real flash to it other than it is gold. However, have you ever seen the way the lights bounce off these bad boys at night? 

When Notre Dame plays at night, they are must-see TV, and that's just because of the helmets. It is usually a big game and Notre Dame loses every big game. 

4. Kansas Jayhawks: Red Chrome

I am not exactly sure why the Jayhawk is standing like that. To be honest, I am not sure what a Jayhawk is, but I know it looks cool. If you ignore the fact that Kansas is awful at football, they are a sneaky-great uniform program. Red and blue have never failed as a uniform concept and it certainly doesn't fail here. 

3. Ohio State: Full Buckeye Sticker Action

Looking at an Ohio State helmet without dozens of buckeye stickers on it feels wrong. The scarlet and gray just work beautifully together and it is an all-time classic look. When the helmet has no more room left for stickers, it just pops on TV. I am also a graduate of THE Ohio State University, so there was no way I would leave them off. 

2. Florida State Seminoles

Florida State is one of the few schools that can pull off the helmet stickers being erratically placed anywhere. It fits the theme, the gold is a big bonus, and the spear is very well detailed and one of the best logos in sports. It is just unfortunate that they are only good once every few years because these are great helmets to see on primetime. 

1. Ole Miss Rebels: Powder Blues

Untouchable, undeniable, and undisputed best helmet in the game. When those helmets are matched with the powder-blue uniforms, it is the greatest uniform of all time. The red-scripted Ole Miss just hits right, and with Ole Miss being a high-flying offense under Lane Kiffin right now, it adds more value. There is nothing else to say here, just look at them. 

Photo: Getty Images