MLB Schedule

MLB Schedule

The typical MLB schedule consists of 162 games that are played over the course of about 180 days depending on various factors.  Lines provides you with the entire MLB schedule which runs from early April through late September each year and is later followed by postseason games which begin in October.  For up-to-the-minute details on game changes, wins & losses, MLB standings and scores, Lines is your source.

MLB Baseball Games

Strikes & Lockouts

The MLB schedule covers games that begin with the official Opening Day of Major League Baseball and which run through the last Sunday of September or the first Sunday of October each year.  This does not take into account the rare, but possible curtailment of baseball games due to strikes or lockouts.  Strikes & lockouts are relatively rare in MLB history and have only caused the MLB schedule to change a couple of times throughout more 100 years of baseball history.

Complete MLB Schedule

Lines provides the complete MLB schedule to help you get a jump start on the upcoming games for the week and throughout the entire baseball season.  Get detailed game information including over-under odds, starting pitchers and more from Lines.  The MLB schedule highlights every game of the week throughout the entire baseball season so that you can stay on top of the game, make your picks and keep track of your favorite baseball teams.

MLB Scheduling Rules

Though some believe that the entire MLB schedule can be quickly generated with the click of a computer button, this couldn’t be more wrong! Each year, the MLB schedule is based on strict rules and guidelines that account for both the ball play part of the game and the business side of baseball off the playing field.  All games must take place during a 178-183 day window, there may not be more than 2 day-night doubleheaders for any particular team throughout the entire season and a full day off must be provided for teams who travel from the Pacific to Eastern Time zones. 

Additional Details

Lines doesn’t stop at providing details on the MLB schedule, game changes and updates.  You can also find baseball statistics, MLB injuries, standings and matchups details to make your betting a great success.  Researching and choosing your picks is now easier than ever.  When you use the information provided by Lines to make educated bets you increase your winning odds and improve your chances of coming out on top.

30 Teams & More than 2,000 Games


Scheduling 30 Major League Baseball teams to play 2,430 games in a 181 day window is a challenge at best.  Combine that with the intention of the MLB to make the game play unique and interesting year after year and you’ve got a mess on your hands!  Now, try keeping track of all those games—Lines has got you covered.  The MLB schedule at Lines provides you with every detail you need to stay on top of the more than two thousands MLB games that are planned to take place each season allowing you to plan ahead, place your bets and sit back and wait for the sound, “play ball,” to ring magic to your ears.


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