NFL Standings

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NFL Standings

In NFL football the standings are determined by how many wins and losses a team has during the regular season. There are 4 teams in every division and 12 teams in the NFC and AFC. There is standings for a team’s overall record and then with in their own conference. The conference play standings for a team will Teams will play other ones from their own conference more often mainly because each team will play teams from their own division twice per season. has you covered when it comes to NFL standings both overall for betting. When you visit and see the NFL standings you are not only seeing wins and losses, but your shown win percentage, average points per game, average points allowed per game, differential point margin, and home and away losses. There is a lot of overall data to look at, but Lines gives you everything you need to know about the NFL standings. 

Pro Football 2018 Standings
AFC EAST Division
 AllScoring ATS
NEW ENGLAND14-50.73727.720.4+7.4 Pts9-05-512-7-063.2%7-12-0
MIAMI7-90.43819.927.1-7.1 Pts6-21-78-8-050.0%8-8-0
BUFFALO6-100.37516.823.4-6.6 Pts4-42-67-9-043.8%7-9-0
NY JETS4-120.25020.827.6-6.8 Pts2-62-65-10-133.3%10-6-0
AFC NORTH Division
 AllScoring ATS
PITTSBURGH9-6-10.56226.822.5+4.2 Pts5-34-3-18-7-153.3%8-8-0
BALTIMORE10-70.58823.918.2+5.6 Pts6-34-48-9-047.1%7-10-0
CLEVELAND7-8-10.43822.424.5-2.1 Pts5-2-12-610-6-062.5%7-8-1
CINCINNATI6-100.37523.028.4-5.4 Pts4-42-69-7-056.2%9-6-1
AFC SOUTH Division
 AllScoring ATS
HOUSTON11-60.64724.119.8+4.2 Pts6-35-37-7-350.0%7-10-0
INDIANAPOLIS11-70.61125.921.2+4.7 Pts6-25-59-8-152.9%8-10-0
TENNESSEE9-70.56219.418.9+0.4 Pts6-23-58-8-050.0%8-8-0
JACKSONVILLE5-110.31215.319.8-4.4 Pts3-42-75-9-235.7%6-10-0
AFC WEST Division
 AllScoring ATS
KANSAS CITY13-50.72234.826.2+8.7 Pts8-25-310-7-158.8%11-7-0
LA CHARGERS13-50.72226.621.5+5.1 Pts4-39-210-8-055.6%9-9-0
DENVER6-100.37520.621.8-1.2 Pts3-53-56-9-140.0%3-13-0
OAKLAND4-120.25018.129.2-11.1 Pts3-41-86-10-037.5%7-9-0
NFC EAST Division
 AllScoring ATS
DALLAS11-70.61121.420.9+0.5 Pts8-13-68-8-250.0%9-9-0
PHILADELPHIA10-80.55622.121.3+0.8 Pts5-35-58-9-147.1%6-11-1
WASHINGTON7-90.43817.622.4-4.9 Pts3-54-49-7-056.2%7-9-0
NY GIANTS5-110.31223.125.8-2.7 Pts2-63-58-7-153.3%9-7-0
NFC NORTH Division
 AllScoring ATS
CHICAGO12-50.70625.617.6+8.1 Pts7-25-312-5-070.6%8-9-0
MINNESOTA8-7-10.50022.521.3+1.2 Pts5-33-4-18-7-153.3%6-10-0
GREEN BAY6-9-10.37523.525.0-1.5 Pts5-2-11-76-9-140.0%8-8-0
DETROIT6-100.37520.222.5-2.2 Pts3-53-59-7-056.2%6-10-0
NFC SOUTH Division
 AllScoring ATS
NEW ORLEANS14-40.77830.421.8+8.6 Pts7-37-110-8-055.6%7-11-0
CAROLINA7-90.43823.523.9-0.4 Pts5-32-67-9-043.8%8-8-0
ATLANTA7-90.43825.926.4-0.6 Pts4-43-55-11-031.2%9-7-0
TAMPA BAY5-110.31224.829.0-4.2 Pts4-41-77-7-250.0%9-7-0
NFC WEST Division
 AllScoring ATS
LA RAMS15-40.78930.823.3+7.6 Pts8-17-39-8-252.9%8-10-1
SEATTLE10-70.58826.521.8+4.6 Pts6-24-510-5-266.7%10-7-0
SAN FRANCISCO4-120.25021.427.2-5.8 Pts4-40-85-11-031.2%9-7-0
ARIZONA3-130.18814.126.6-12.5 Pts1-72-67-9-043.8%7-9-0
NFL Standings for Wagering

One of the things that has in our NFL standings is comprehensive betting information for all of the teams. For each and every team throughout the season you will see ATS (against the spread) records, ATS win percentage, and O/U (Over / Under records). These things are key to look at when you are making wagers on NFL games.

In looking at ATS records that is an important thing to look at. A team can have a great record, but not a good betting one. For example in the 2012 season the Atlanta Falcons had a record of 14-2, but their ATS record was only 9-8-1, which means they were almost a .500 betting team.

Over/Under records also need to be looked at when you want to be the Over or Under in the game. Just like the ATS records the O/U records can be deceiving. Let’s use the Falcons from last season as an example. In 2012 the Falcons were a high scoring team so you would think the Over would always be the good pick. However, the sportsbooks know this and will set the total high for games they are playing in. So, in the 2012 season the Falcons only had an Over/Under record of 7-11. On the flip side the 2012 St. Louis Rams were the 2nd lowest scoring team in the NFC and they had an O/U record of 8-8. 

Additional Information

You can see that gives you more information, especially betting information, when it comes to their NFL standings. The more betting info you are armed with the more you can make a smart bet and that just translates to having a better chance to win your bet. Besides NFL standings information Lines also provides a ton of other information on NFL games and teams that can give you some real betting insight. There are odds, injury reports, trends, offensive and defensive statistics, and much more. There are also many betting previews where experts will really break down a game in terms of stats and trends to make their picks and predictions. 

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