NCAAF Schedule

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NCAAF Schedule

If you want to be successful at betting on college football games, you have to have a good understanding of how the schedule impacts your odds of success. Even if one team is a clear favorite over the other, there are still ways in which you can lose your money if you don't do your homework.

Lines provides details on each college football game throughout the season to help you wager your best bets.  Details include information about where each game will be played, who the home team is and the game times.  You can use much of this data to your advantage when placing your bets.

College Football Games
How Has A Team Fared Against Its Opponent In The Past?

A team that dominates the rest of the nation could have trouble matching up against a particular program. For example, a team that went 11-1 last season and won the national title could be facing the one team that it lost to last season. If you are not aware of that fact, you could be throwing hundreds or thousands of dollars away. Therefore, always look at recent history between the two teams playing before assuming that one team is automatically the favorite based on record alone.

What Is The Spread?

Each year, teams in the SEC and other power conferences schedule games against programs from the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS). While it is almost always a sure bet that a team such as Alabama is going to have no problem beating Georgia State, the margin of victory could be problematic. For example, if Alabama is a 60 point favorite, they have to win by at least 61 points for you to win the bet. Therefore, try to avoid games where the spread seems unrealistic.

Location of Games Played

It is important to understand how well a particular team plays on the road as to opposed to playing in front of their home fans. In general, a team is going to have a better chance of winning when playing at home. However, some teams fare better on the road where they are out of the spotlight and aren't expected to do anything other than win by a point. When placing a bet, make sure that you research the home and away records of the team that you are betting on. 

NCAA FB Game Time 

Field conditions, time of day and time of year have to be considered when looking at a schedule. A game that is played on a Saturday afternoon in September will generally be played in good weather and field conditions. However, a game being played on a Saturday night in November could be played in a blinding snowstorm. That could slow down what may otherwise be a potent offense playing against a suspect defense.

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