MLB Standings

MLB Standings

In baseball, standings are determined in accordance to how many games a particular team is behind another team in terms of wins.  The standings between Team A & Team B is determined by giving Team A the lead of one half game for every game that the team wins in which Team B does not.  Team A could also get one half game behind Team B for any loss that A has when Team B does not lose.  Lines provides you with the latest information regarding MLB standings including the number of Wins, Losses, the Winning Percentage and other details.

Baseball team standings are sorted by winning percentage with the top rated teams at the top of the list.  Lines also provides you with information regarding the MLB standings for home games, away games, division games and other areas of the sport.  Making your next bet a successful win is made possible in part with the detailed information provided in the Lines MLB standings and rankings as well as the various mathcups details and related data which we make readily available for your use

Pro Baseball Standings

Understanding  MLB Standings

In baseball, the standings will represent a picture of the number of games that have been won and lost by each team.  MLB teams are tracked through the standings utilizing a complex mathematical structure that incorporates the number of wins and losses into an equation which then computes a winning percentage and indicates how many regular-season games a team must win in order to secure one of the eight final slots for postseason game play.

Wins & Losses

The wins and losses columns on the MLB standings list the total number of games that a team has won or lost throughout the season.  These numbers are then computed into a percentage of wins which is found in the “Pct.” column.  The winning percentages are calculated by dividing the actual number of games a baseball team has won by the total number of games played by that team.  This number is then rounded either up or down to three decimal points.

The Home & Away columns represent the win/loss records for each team for games that are played in their home stadium or away on the road.  Staying up to date with the latest MLB standings and tracking the teams that your betting on is fast and easy with the help of Lines standings, scorecards and betting odds.

Additional Information

Lines provides you with the latest MLB betting lines, previews, matchups and scores to help increase your MLB betting odds for successful picks each time you play.  Researching your picks has never been easier and when you combine your knowledge of baseball with the details regarding injuries, odds, standings, matchups and scores offered at Lines, you stand the highest possible chance of winning the bets that you place.


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