NBA Standings

NBA Team Standings 

The main goal of NBA competition is to win the Championship. has up to date NBA Teams standing in conference play and their overall record. The regular season is a long and exacting test for the teams that advance to the playoffs to pursue the Championship. For fans, the standings are a point of great attention. It is a primary way to follow the progress of a local or favorite team. The daily march to the playoffs and playoff positioning can be followed here.

Many fans watch and consider the schedule and all of the possibilities for a favorite team to move up or down. Winning a division in the NBA is a rewarding experience for the fans but also a competitive advantage for the teams. On Lines one can find the competitive record, winning percentage, team scoring and defense averages, and the average margin between the team and its opponents. Each of these statistics can reveal team excellence.

The Lines NBA standings page is a complete summary of the seasonal record and standings in the divisions. Here we also list team records for home versus away games which can be a crucial difference for customers considering wagers. The likelihood of winning can be very different for a given team based upon the venue: whether home or at an opponent's site.

Lines goes even further to show some useful information for users who wish to determine which teams are more likely to win. We provide some useful betting information including records against the point spread and the over/under totals.


Pro Basketball Standings
EASTERN Conference
TORONTO46-180.719113.0106.5+6.5 Pts23-923-934-28-254.8%34-29-1
BOSTON43-210.672113.0106.8+6.2 Pts23-920-1237-25-259.7%31-32-1
PHILADELPHIA39-260.600109.6107.4+2.2 Pts29-210-2429-32-447.5%35-28-2
BROOKLYN30-340.469110.8111.4-0.6 Pts18-1412-2031-31-250.0%30-32-2
NEW YORK21-450.318105.8112.3-6.5 Pts11-2210-2334-30-253.1%30-35-1
MILWAUKEE53-120.815118.7107.4+11.3 Pts28-325-936-29-055.4%30-35-0
INDIANA39-260.600109.3107.4+1.9 Pts21-1118-1533-28-454.1%35-30-0
CHICAGO22-430.338106.8109.9-3.1 Pts14-208-2329-35-145.3%34-30-1
DETROIT20-460.303107.2110.8-3.6 Pts11-229-2426-38-240.6%40-25-1
CLEVELAND19-460.292106.9114.8-7.9 Pts11-258-2129-33-346.8%35-29-1
MIAMI41-240.631112.2108.9+3.2 Pts27-514-1932-31-250.8%39-25-1
ORLANDO30-350.462106.4107.4-1.0 Pts16-1514-2031-30-450.8%34-30-1
WASHINGTON24-400.375115.6119.7-4.0 Pts16-168-2433-30-152.4%37-26-1
CHARLOTTE23-420.354102.9109.6-6.8 Pts10-2013-2233-30-252.4%31-34-0
ATLANTA20-470.299111.8119.7-8.0 Pts14-206-2730-36-145.5%39-28-0
WESTERN Conference
DENVER43-220.662110.4107.4+3.0 Pts25-818-1428-31-647.5%30-35-0
UTAH41-230.641111.0107.9+3.2 Pts21-1020-1329-32-347.5%33-31-0
OKLAHOMA CITY40-240.625110.8108.3+2.5 Pts20-1320-1139-24-161.9%30-33-1
PORTLAND29-370.439113.6115.2-1.6 Pts18-1411-2327-37-242.2%36-29-1
MINNESOTA19-450.297113.2117.5-4.3 Pts8-2411-2123-39-237.1%36-28-0
LA LAKERS49-140.778114.3106.9+7.4 Pts23-826-635-27-156.5%29-34-0
LA CLIPPERS44-200.688116.2109.7+6.5 Pts25-719-1334-29-154.0%28-36-0
SACRAMENTO28-360.438109.0110.9-1.9 Pts14-1714-1933-30-152.4%34-29-1
PHOENIX26-390.400112.6113.9-1.4 Pts13-2213-1729-35-145.3%33-32-0
GOLDEN STATE15-500.231106.3115.0-8.7 Pts8-267-2430-34-146.9%30-35-0
HOUSTON40-240.625118.1114.4+3.8 Pts22-1018-1431-33-048.4%28-36-0
DALLAS40-270.597116.4110.3+6.0 Pts19-1521-1238-29-056.7%40-27-0
MEMPHIS32-330.492112.6113.7-1.1 Pts18-1514-1834-30-153.1%30-35-0
NEW ORLEANS28-360.438116.2117.0-0.8 Pts13-1915-1731-29-451.7%35-29-0
SAN ANTONIO27-360.429113.2114.9-1.8 Pts16-1411-2224-37-239.3%38-23-2
Betting Information

When picking winners it is important to know a team's win-loss record and winning percentage. It is also important to know any significant differences between home and road records. Injuries play a big role when rating a team as does the identity of the opponent.

Lines provides an easy means to compare two teams in terms of winning percentage, scoring, and defense. Scoring and points allowed become especially important in considering wagers against posted over/under totals. When selecting winners the schedule is an important item to consider. The record against the point spread is significant when selecting a type of wager as is the over/under record.

Additional Information

Lines offers NBA standings to its customers who are interested in selecting winners. The team records, broken down by division opponent groupings, provide insights into the strength of each team. The division record, home court, and away game breakdown provides helpful information for picking teams likely to win regular season games, advance to the playoffs, and compete for the Championship.

Details about team scoring averages, won-lost, record against the point spread , and over/under record can all be found at Lines. It is a tool designed to aid knowledge and enjoyment of the NBA but also to improve sports and sports betting. Wagers based upon point totals can be considered using the information that is readily provided here at Lines.


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