NHL Standings

NHL Standings 

Looking at the standings is important for any type of sports betting including the NHL. You have to check the standings to see how a team is doing before making a wager. At Lines.com, there are standings for the NHL, but there is so much more information than just where a team sits in their division.

When you look at standings there is a lot of information that can be used to help you out when you bet on games. Not only will you see where the team is in their division, but you will see where they are at in the division games played (GP), W/L record, points (PTS), goals for (GF), goals against (GA), Margin, home record, road record, last 5 games (L5), ATS Units, and O/U record. 


Pro Hockey Standings
 AllScoring ATS
TeamGPW-L (OTL)PtsGFGAMarginHomeRoadL5UnitsOU
BOSTON7044-26 (12)1003.22.5+0.8 Gls22-13-922-13-34-1-0+0.5528-38-4
TAMPA BAY7043-27 (6)923.52.8+0.7 Gls22-12-221-15-42-3-1-0.8536-30-4
TORONTO7036-34 (9)813.43.2+0.2 Gls18-16-718-18-22-3-1-11.6038-29-3
FLORIDA6935-34 (8)783.33.3+0.0 Gls17-18-418-16-42-3-2-1.9038-28-3
MONTREAL7131-40 (9)713.03.1-0.1 Gls14-23-617-17-32-3-0-17.4033-35-3
BUFFALO6930-39 (8)682.83.1-0.3 Gls20-15-410-24-41-4-0-6.5531-34-4
OTTAWA7125-46 (12)622.73.4-0.7 Gls18-19-67-27-62-3-0-13.5538-32-1
DETROIT7117-54 (5)392.03.8-1.7 Gls12-25-25-29-32-3-1-24.5029-34-8
 AllScoring ATS
TeamGPW-L (OTL)PtsGFGAMarginHomeRoadL5UnitsOU
WASHINGTON6941-28 (8)903.53.1+0.4 Gls18-15-523-13-32-3-2-2.1043-24-2
PHILADELPHIA6941-28 (7)893.42.8+0.5 Gls24-10-417-18-34-1-0+12.6036-31-2
PITTSBURGH6940-29 (6)863.22.8+0.4 Gls23-12-417-17-23-2-0+0.5033-33-3
CAROLINA6838-30 (5)813.32.8+0.4 Gls19-14-219-16-33-2-1-2.6533-35-0
COLUMBUS7033-37 (15)812.62.7-0.1 Gls20-16-413-21-112-3-1-1.9027-42-1
NY ISLANDERS6835-33 (10)802.82.8-0.0 Gls20-15-615-18-40-5-2-2.8028-37-3
NY RANGERS7037-33 (5)793.33.2+0.2 Gls18-18-219-15-32-3-1+11.4035-33-2
NEW JERSEY6928-41 (12)682.73.3-0.6 Gls13-21-1015-20-23-2-0-5.5535-33-1
CENTRAL Division
 AllScoring ATS
TeamGPW-L (OTL)PtsGFGAMarginHomeRoadL5UnitsOU
ST LOUIS7142-29 (10)943.22.7+0.5 Gls23-12-519-17-53-2-0+4.3034-35-2
COLORADO7042-28 (8)923.42.7+0.7 Gls18-15-624-13-22-3-1+2.8532-36-2
DALLAS6937-32 (8)822.62.6+0.0 Gls19-15-318-17-50-5-2-1.8525-41-3
WINNIPEG7137-34 (6)803.02.9+0.2 Gls20-17-317-17-34-1-0+5.8531-38-2
NASHVILLE6935-34 (8)783.13.1-0.0 Gls17-18-418-16-43-2-0-11.3037-31-1
MINNESOTA6935-34 (7)773.23.20.0 Gls19-16-516-18-23-2-0+0.6534-30-5
CHICAGO7032-38 (8)723.03.1-0.1 Gls16-18-416-20-43-2-0-0.3534-35-1
PACIFIC Division
 AllScoring ATS
TeamGPW-L (OTL)PtsGFGAMarginHomeRoadL5UnitsOU
VEGAS7139-32 (8)863.23.0+0.2 Gls22-15-417-17-43-2-0-11.3034-32-5
EDMONTON7137-34 (9)833.23.1+0.1 Gls17-17-620-17-32-3-1+4.6034-33-4
CALGARY7036-34 (7)793.03.1-0.1 Gls16-17-420-17-33-2-0-5.6034-31-5
VANCOUVER6936-33 (6)783.33.1+0.2 Gls22-13-414-20-22-3-0+1.4539-27-3
ARIZONA7033-37 (8)742.82.7+0.1 Gls17-16-416-21-42-3-0-8.2030-38-2
ANAHEIM7129-42 (9)672.63.2-0.5 Gls16-20-513-22-43-2-1-9.1538-32-1
LOS ANGELES7029-41 (6)642.53.0-0.5 Gls19-15-210-26-45-0-0-1.4526-39-5
SAN JOSE7029-41 (5)632.63.2-0.6 Gls17-19-212-22-31-4-1-13.1029-38-3

Betting Information

The ATS units and O/U record can give you season long trends on how a team is doing against the spread and in Over/Under totals. This really has nothing to do with the standings, but gives you solid betting information. For example the Penguins were the highest scoring team in the 2013 regular season scoring 3.4 goals per game. You would think the Over is always the good pick with them, but the sportsbooks know this and set the total accordingly. In the 2013 season the Penguins only had an O/U record of 31-31-1. This is why the betting info paired with the standings at Lines is important to check out.

There is so much betting info for the NHL at Lines. You can get great information in the standings before betting on a hockey game, especially with the home and road records and the last 5 games. If a team is slumping in their last 5 games and not a good road team than they are not a solid bet. You will know this right away by looking at the standings data provided to you at Lines.

Scoring Stats

The scoring statistics are also key to look at in the standings. If a high scoring team is playing a team that does not have a good defense it may not only make you sway your bet to the offensive team, but could also give you a good inkling on what the Over/Under bet may be.  The Lines NHL standings also provides you with information on Active NHL picks from the experts as well as the Top NHL Headlines. 

Additional Information

Lines.com has you covered in all the NHL betting you could ever need and more. There is statistical and betting information on the side and the standings data is just the tip of the iceberg. Various other betting details can be analyzed including the odds, injuries, goalies, matchups and betting trends to help you place winning wagers throughout the NHL season. 


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