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Updated November 18, 2022

Social Betting User Guide

Get the full rundown of Lines social betting app



  • This will house all posts and bets from users that you follow as well as popular posts from other users in the community
  • Here you can comment, reply, react and find bets to tail


  • This feed will display all posts and bets placed from users that you have subscribed to


To join the leaderboard, make sure your account is either public or a seller

  • Leaderboard is where you can select other profiles and find bettors to follow
  • Filters allows you to easily sift through time frame, bet type and by sport, as well as search for a specific user

Buying Picks

  • Users with the cap icon are accounts that have active pick packages available that allow you to subscribe to their bet slip and posts. Purchasing can be done via the web or the IOS app.
  • You'll receive a minimum of 7 picks for 7-day subscription or 30 picks for a 30-Day subscription. If your capper does not complete all picks, buyers will receive a partial refund for unused picks.

Odds Comparison

  • The odds tab is where you can find the best odds or best available lines for games or select a particular sportsbook
  • Select on the matchup to view the full odds comparison tool

My Bets

  • Here is where you can link a sportsbook with the + icon, view your stats, followers, following, edit your profile and make posts and share bets
  • To share a completed or pending bet, select the 3 dots on your bet slip

Public vs Private Accounts


  • This account setting enable you to share past/pending bets as well as post to the community
  • Enables you to subscribe to other users for full access to their bet slips and private posts
  • Will opt you into the leaderboard to climb the ranks and build followers
  • Stats reflected to other users will exclude free bets and promotional/boosted odds
  • Still have the ability to set visibility of bet amounts shown on bet slips, net profit and enabling or disabling comments on your post


  • Will exclude your profile from the leaderboard and will hide all betting stats and bets
  • Still have the ability to follow other users in the community and subscribe for full access