Zachary L`Heureux

Height / Weight
5' 11" / 196 lbs
May 15th 2003 (17)
Left Winger
NHL 2021 mock draft
Player ranking
Year Rank
2021 9

High skilled, high paced left winger who has an aggressive attack style that accentuates his excellent playmaking, scoring and ability to make adjustment in his skating cuts that most players are unable to do quickly. Is an aggressive penalty killer and is very responsible when his team doesn't have the puck. Really patient when he has the biscuit in scoring position, and a good finisher in tight, elevating the pucks to the top of the net. His trade to Halifax gives him more minutes and better opportunities than were afforded him in the Moncton elite veteran-laden lineup. He displays defensive commitment, and quick twitch offensive instincts have him creating on the fly. He adjusts quickly and effortlessly and is a terrific finisher who plays with edge. Doe everything it takes to win. One if the draft's good hands people, his thick lower body and all the other tools to become an NHLer. Very coimpetitive, but displayed lack of restraint when he took a game misconduct penalty for spitting on Drew Elliott.  L’Heureux lost an edge and Elliott hammered him to the backboards while he was losing an edge and horizontall prone. This had L’Heureux lose it and go after Elliott, and as it ended spitting on him.

--Bill Placzek--