William Eklund

Height / Weight
5' 10" / 172 lbs
December 10th 2003 (17)
Left Winger
NHL 2021 mock draft
Player ranking
Year Rank
2021 58

He is one of the players we were deprived of seeing in the World Junior Tourney, due to the Covid-19 restriction that limited Djurg√•rdens IF to eight games at the time. He has gone on to play an additional 12 games with the SHL pro club, but also has be relegated to 31 games on the U-20, where he is on an above a point a game pace. No matter the level, he darts around the ice at a terrifically high pace like a waterbed, who can handle the puck effortlessly at top-end speed. Extremely tough to catch, mark wit a clean hit, so the defenders are usually backing off so they don't get ghosted by his quick moves.Still not the strongest shooter (that will come wit added muscle), he is a puck generator extraordinaire. Like Patrick Kane he sets up on the half-wall of the power play, draws defenders away from his teammates, only to saucer the open outlet with a clean look. His quick stick intercepts pucks, backs off defenders on entries, and he is a fun player to watch.

--Bill Placzek--