Simon Edvinsson

Height / Weight
6' 3" / 187 lbs
February 5th 2003 (17)
NHL 2021 mock draft
Player ranking
Year Rank
2021 7

Another giant defenseman with excellent mobility for a young man his size. Was a point per game player in the Swedish Elite league in 2019-20. Very calm and poised in his smooth strides. Carries the puck very well in zone entries. Reacts quickly to the situations as they develop, and although he doesn’t play with the same propensity of aggression that Power does, he nonetheless, forces turnovers, and will use his body lean when the situation presents itself. Thought of as an offensive defenseman who reads the ice and makes excellent puck decisions that lead to scoring looks. Uses his stick to break up cross ice passes, Has the ability to make the home run transition pass. Has excellent lateral agility and skates like a much smaller player. His shot needs work but added muscle will contribute to his shot’s improvement.


--Bill Placzek--