Reece Scarlett

Height / Weight
6' 0" / 167 lbs
United States
NHL 2011 mock draft
Draft Type Round Pick Team
Projection 6 158
More of a long term project and is learning in all facets. Is a smart youngster with the chance of being a two-way defenseman. Needs to build his body far past his present size. He certainly can position himself very well, and has nice lateral ability. Very mobile player who distributes the puck well, and easily slips out of his defensive zone when pressured. He pivots and jumps into the empty spaces no matter if there are 270 degrees turnabouts. He could be a gem if he starts polishing up. He plays big, although his present size may hamper his chances. He may be able to grow larger than his present defense-first style, and might blossom.

--Bill Placzek