Max Lajoie

Height / Weight
6' 0" / 173 lbs
November 5th 1997 (26)
NHL 2016 mock draft
Draft Type Round Pick Team
Projection 5 132
Sometimes too much is asked. This may well be the case with LaJoie. He is very good skater with mobility and composure on the attack side. He is his team's PP QB. He is light on his edges and can navigate the ice well in his carries. He is effective with his poke checks, and can skate pucks out of danger. He very slender and gets knocked off the puck, or just off balance. Plays with an active stick and although he doesn't run around his own end, he struggles in the defensive zone, especially in his down low coverage. Doesn't seem to have a body that he can build to compensate for the way he gets out-muscled. He does have parts of a two way game and doesn't panic under pressure, but he just is unable to make enough good decisions that compensate for his liabilities.

--Bill Placzek--
Player ranking
Year Rank
2016 86
Floating offer