Luke Hughes

Height / Weight
6' 15" / 176 lbs
September 9th 2003 (17)
United States
NHL 2021 mock draft
Player ranking
Year Rank
2021 28

Third brother of the elite skating Hughes brothers is a late birthday, and bit of a turnover machine who needs plenty of polish to be an NHL defender. Very slender and in need of muscle mass, there certainly is ceiling to his future. Displays great edging and offensive instincts, and accelerate to top speed in a moment. There is much more to the game including dedication to the defensive responsibilities. Dangerous as an attacker but dangerous as a defender who gets get blinders and seems to neglect his end, or get lost in it. There are some who think he could be the best of the bunch. My jury of one is out on that opinion. He is a little bigger than brothers (but stillness muscle) and there might be a chance he established a bit more physicality than Quint in the NHL, but the massive jump to NHL pro is one that will take him longer than it did his brothers, in my humble opinion. My concerns are his work in the defensive zone, not his bloodlines, or ice-eating stride.

Committed to the University of Michigan.

--Bill Płaczek--