Jacob Moverare

Height / Weight
6' 1" / 195 lbs
August 31st 1998 (22)
NHL 2016 mock draft
Player ranking
Year Rank
2016 54
Swedish defender with good size, footwork, and stick. He doesn’t wow you with high offensive attack skills, but nonetheless is a very smart and responsible defenseman. He is an excellent backward skater with good physical package. A rangy defender who maintains his gaps and seems to make good decisions on when to attack the puck carrier and when to back off. His big stick gets in the passing lane and displays smart body placement in his end. He can take or receive a puck and quick change direction and transition the puck up-ice. He skating motions a bit stiff laterally, but there’s nor denying he can quickly get where he wants. He walks the blue line on the PP attack. Has a strong point shot but it’s accuracy and placement are areas for improvement. Simply doesn't seem to have the head to help comntribute much as an attacker. A prospect you let develop his feet and attack skills, but looks like a good safe bet for the team that will do just that.

--Bill Placzek--