Henrik Samuelsson

Height / Weight
6' 2" / 192 lbs
Right Wing
United States
NHL 2012 mock draft
Draft Type Round Pick Team
Projection 1 27
Player ranking
Year Rank
2012 24
Son like father…and then some. Daddy Ulf patrolled the NHL defense with snarl, making no friends. Young Henrik, a center-forward, has the size and a frame to add on to. His Journey had him follow his father to MoDo and the bigger ice of Sweden SEL, where he struggled adjusting to the different style. He was already man-sized but not able to play faster on the surface. A drop down to the U-20 level didn't help. I believe he lost confidence. The move to Sweden meant he gave up his NCAA eligibility. In December he recognized he needed to get back to North America and joined the Edmonton Oil Kings of the WHL. He plays a responsible 3 zone game, is strong on the puck, and is the bane of any wall; corner or crease. Despite the inefficiency he showed as a speed player on bigger ice, he nonetheless is strong on the puck, and has the ability to dash out of the corner with a powerful stride, but probably is unsuited at the center position. He projects as a future power forward with a heavy shot that he releases rapidly. Has very good stick skills and North-South speed. He needs work on lateral agility so his feet can take him to more areas where he can do damage. I believe the quickness will come with time. Did I mention that sonny boy also agitates his opponents to a high level of aggravation?

--Bill Placzek--