Brennan Othmann

Height / Weight
5' 11" / 166 lbs
January 5th 2003 (18)
Left Winger
NHL 2021 mock draft
Player ranking
Year Rank
2021 13

A heavy playing centre-forward who can explode from his cuts into open areas and blast hard wristers. Has good vision and tremedous playmaking skills. Reads the ice and creates, hitting teammates while they are in stride. Wants to win, wants the puck and knocks the opposition off the biscuit and is a bull dog in the trenches to win pucks. He will rocket up ice, curl away from coverage, and toward the front and simply out wait goalies eventually beating them after they commit. Catches goalies with short side wake up call shots. Very good hard and accurate passer on the attack. 



--Bill Placzek--