Alexis Lafrenière

Height / Weight
6' 1" / 191 lbs
October 11th 2001 (19)
Left Winger
NHL 2020 mock draft
Player ranking
Year Rank
2020 1

Off the charts hockey sense and imagination on offense starting with the 2018 World U-18s where he surprised his linemates with passes that could have been coming from a seasoned NHL pro. Fluid and fearless going inside the circles in the attack zone, where he steps out front to screen and set up for tip ins. Will be a solid attacking wing but might also find a home as a NHL centre with the way he easily makes his way inside. A smooth high speed heads up player who moves effortlessly through the attack zone with such good confidence and presence.  Just don't try and categorizing him as a finese player[ because he will physically grind out with anyone, finishing his checks and is fearless on the forecheck. Doesn't necessarily fit the category of a blazer as he uses his hands more than blades to elude checkers.There is no denying how quickly he lets the puck fly, and how decisive he is while possessing it. He plays within the dots all the time. Will fire cutting towards the net, and always has his stick down looking for the puck. Has displayed elite playmaking skills and a strong wall game. In a blink of the eye, he can come off the boards and drive on the net, draw attention and pass to his open teammate. Strong and difficult to move and not adverse to giving as well as submitting. Although he must improve his first step, he still manages to keep churning when carrying in the high traffic areas. It is his all around hockey abilities that round him as a guy who will build chemistry quicky with good NHL players and improve the attask of whichever team selects him early in the first. You has to see him as both finisher and offensiev generator/creator who will go get the puck when his teams himto help them catch up. 

--Bill Placzek--