April 26, 2020

2020 NHL Stanley Cup Odds

Unfortunately, the 2019-2020 NHL season was cut short due to the coronavirus pandemic. Most teams still have about a dozen games remaining on their regular-season schedules. As of now, it is unknown whether or not the NHL season will even continue this year or if the season will just be canceled.

If the season does resume — which is expected — the NHL does intend to continue the regular season at this time. As the pandemic progresses, it is how much this will affect the NHL’s decision to play the remaining regular-season games.

Stanley Cup odds are still available in the event that the season does continue, which again, is expected.

Here are the Stanley Cup odds for 30 (sorry, Detroit) teams that are mathematically still alive in the playoff hunt based on their current standings.

* Odds via FanDuel Sportsbook

31. Detroit Red Wings (17-49-5); 39 PTS: Eliminated

Sadly, one of the most storied franchises in the NHL is the lone team eliminated from playoff contention. 

30. Ottawa Senators (25-34-12); 62 PTS: +25000

Ottawa once again finds itself near the bottom of the Eastern Conference this late in the season. Mathematical elimination is just a game or two away, so the odds are long. 

29. San Jose Sharks (29-36-5); 63 PTS: +25000

A year removed from the Western Conference Finals, the Sharks have sunk to the bottom of the conference with a dozen games remaining.

28. Los Angeles Kings (29-35-6); 64 PTS: +25000

The Kings were on an 8-1-1 run before the season was suspended. That's one way to end a hot streak. But, at least it's a good note to conclude on in another bad season in Los Angeles. 

27. Anaheim Ducks (29-33-9); 67 PTS: +25000

The Ducks are just a couple of games away from mathematical elimination, having already played 71 games with just 67 points.

26. New Jersey Devils (28-29-12;) 68 PTS: +25000

Despite a 6-2-2 run in their last 10 games, the Devils season is all but over at this point.

25. Buffalo Sabres (30-31-8); 68 PTS: +25000

Earlier in the season, the Sabres were a surprise team near the top of the Eastern Conference. Most hockey fans outside of Buffalo knew it was only a matter of time before reality came calling, and it did.

The Sabres crashed back to earth and are all but eliminated at this point.

24. Montreal Canadiens (31-31-9); 71 PTS: +25000

The Canadiens lost their final three games heading into the break. That streak pretty much ended their season and will probably have to win out to even have a small chance to make the NHL playoffs.

23. Chicago Blackhawks (32-30-8); 72 PTS: +25000

Of all of the remaining teams, the Blackhawks still have the best chance of getting a playoff spot. Six points back with 12 games to go isn’t an impossible feat but it sure isn’t an easy one, either.

Unless Chicago goes on a four- or five-game winning streak when the season resumes, the Blackhawks will be eliminated sooner rather than later.

22. Arizona Coyotes (33-29-8); 74 PTS: +4500

The Coyotes are the last team on the list with somewhat realistic odds to win it all this season. As of now, it is highly unlikely they will even get into the playoffs as they are four points back with an extra game played.

21. Minnesota Wild (35-27-7); 77 PTS: +4000

One point back of Nashville and Vancouver, Minnesota has one more ROW than both teams. Although the Wild are not the most defensively minded team that they have been in the past, their scoring is much better this year than in recent campaigns. The Wild could certainly make a late push for that eighth seed.

20. Vancouver Canucks (36-27-6); 78 PTS: +3200

Vancouver has a +11 goal differential and is the second-highest scoring team in the Western Conference. The Canucks didn’t go into the hiatus playing very good hockey but this break could be just what they needed. Of the three teams with 78 or 77 points, Vancouver is perhaps the best team suited for the playoffs.

19. Nashville Predators (35-26-8); 78 PTS: +3200

Nashville is tied with Vancouver and one game ahead of Minnesota for the final Wild Card spot in the Western Conference but they hold the tiebreaker with each team having 13 games left. The Predators may be the most talented team of the three but they have the worst goal differential as well. It seems like a 50-50 shot for the Preds to get in at this point.

18. Florida Panthers (35-26-8); 78 PTS: +5500

Despite a positive goal differential, the Panthers are a couple of spots out of the playoffs. A win in their 70th game would put them just one point back of the second Wild Card spot. Even if Florida does manage to find a way into the playoffs, a date with the Bruins will not be a fun one.

17. Calgary Flames (36-27-7); 79 PTS: +3500

Currently sitting in the sixth-seed in the Western Conference, Calgary is also just one game from being out of the playoffs altogether. What's scary is, there is a better chance of Calgary dropping out of the playoffs then climbing up a spot or two.

16. New York Rangers (37-28-5); 79 PTS: +4000

The Rangers are the fourth-highest scoring team in the Eastern Conference and they have the seventh-best goal differential. Still, New York is on the outside looking in right now. Aside from the Islanders, the Rangers have the second-best chance of sneaking into the postseason, but it will take some great hockey in their final 12 games to make that dream a reality.

15. Winnipeg Jets (37-28-6); 80 PTS: +5500

Winnipeg is holding the top Wild Card spot in the Western Conference... for now. However, the Jets have played two more games than the three teams that are within three points of them. The odds are against Winnipeg at this point, especially when an eighth-seed is likely a best-case scenario.

14. New York Islanders (35-23-10); 80 PTS: +3200

The Islanders are only one point behind the Columbus Blue Jackets with two extra games to go. The Islanders have the best shot at that second Wild Card or even the top Wild Card spot. Islanders are another team that is low-scoring and solid on defense. New York could be a tricky matchup for some teams if they're able to sneak into the playoffs. 

13. Columbus Blue Jackets (33-22-15); 81 PTS: +5500

Another Eastern Conference team with 81 points, the Blue Jackets are sitting with the final playoff spot. However, the Islanders are right on their heels and have two extra games to play. Only Detroit has scored fewer goals than the Blue Jackets this season. Odds are Columbus will be watching the playoffs from home this season.

12. Toronto Maple Leafs (36-25-9); 81 PTS: +2500

Toronto is the league’s third-highest-scoring team. After a good start to the season, the Maple Leafs have leveled out as the season has progressed. Maybe this time off can help them get back to their early-season form. The Maple Leafs' goal-scoring potential can make them a tough opponent for some playoff teams.

11. Carolina Hurricanes (38-25-5); 81 PTS: +2700

Carolina has the fourth-best goal differential in the Eastern Conference. Currently, with the top Wild Card spot, Carolina is in if the playoffs started today but there are a few teams right on their tail. The Hurricanes' 5-0 shootout record is looming large right now and might be just enough to get them to eek into the playoffs.

10. Dallas Stars (37-24-8); 82 PTS: +1700

The Stars are a defense-first team. They allow the second-fewest total goals in the league but have scored the third-fewest. Dallas has the defense to win a championship but their lack of goal scoring will stop them from taking down the league’s elite teams.

9. Edmonton Oilers (37-25-9); 83 PTS: +2000

The Edmonton Oilers were fourth in the Western Conference when the season was put on hold. They also had the league’s two highest point scorers in Leon Draisaitl (110) and Connor McDavid (97). Having the best player in hockey right now, Edmonton will be a tricky team come playoff time.

8. Vegas Golden Knights (39-24-8); 86 PTS: +950

The Golden Knights are sporting some solid odds as they are the third-best team in the Western Conference at the moment. Vegas starting to play some excellent hockey as they were 8-2 in their last 10 games. Veteran goalie Marc-Andre Fleury's play will make or break the Golden Knights.

7. Pittsburgh Penguins (40-23-6); 86 PTS: +1300

Like Ovechkin in Washington, the Penguins have one of the best players to ever lace up the skates in Sidney Crosby. Crosby gives this Penguins squad a chance to come away victoriously on any given night. While they might not be the same Penguins’ team as they were in the past, Pittsburgh is still a contender, although they're going to have a little tougher challenge come playoff time. This break is a bonus for the Penguins as they finished 3-7 in their final 10 games.

6.   Philadelphia Flyers (41-21-7); 89 PTS: +1300

Currently, the fourth seed in the Eastern Conference, the Flyers were the hottest team in hockey when the hiatus began. Winning nine of their last 10 games, the Flyers' momentum is sadly all but gone. Still, the Flyers will be a tough out come playoff time and could dethrone Washington atop the Metro.

5.   Washington Capitals (41-20-8); 90 PTS: +1100

The Capitals are the second-highest scoring team in hockey behind the Tampa Bay Lightning. Having one of the best goal scorers ever in Alexander Ovechkin gives this team a chance to win on any given night (much like Patrick Mahomes does for the Kansas City Chiefs). The defense will have to play a little better in the playoffs if the Capitals want to make a serious run and take down Tampa Bay or Boston. However, you shouldn't sleep on them, either. 

4.   Tampa Bay Lightning (43-21-6); 92 PTS: +700

After destroying the competition during the regular season and putting up an insane 128 points, the Lightning pooped the bed in the first round of the playoffs and ended an excellent season on a highly disappointing note.

Once again one of the top teams in the league, the Lightning are the biggest challenge for the Bruins in the Eastern Conference and also hold the fourth-best odds to lift the cup at the end of this season.

3.   Colorado Avalanche (42-20-8); 92 PTS: +850

The Colorado Avalanche are right behind the St. Louis Blues with an extra game still to play. One of the youngest and most talented teams, the Avalanche are actually benefiting from this layoff as a number of star players are able to recover from lengthy injuries. Colorado is only going to be better when — if? — this season resumes and the oddsmakers see that as they the second-best odds in the Western Conference to win it all this season.

2.   St Louis Blues (42-19-10); 94 PTS: +950

Last year’s Stanley Cup Champions, the St. Louis Blues are currently the top seed in the Western Conference. The Blues have been arguably the best team in hockey since January of last year when they began their run after a tough start to last season. While they are the top team in the Western Conference, for now, they do not have the best odds to win it all.

1.   Boston Bruins (44-14-12); 100 PTS: +600

This year’s Boston Bruins team is like last year’s Tampa Bay Lightning. The Bruins are dominating the rest of the league and are eight points ahead of the second-place team in the Eastern Conference.

After losing to the Lightning in last year’s Stanley Cup, the Bruins are ready for another shot. Unlike Tampa Bay last year, don’t expect this team to exit in the first round, though. 

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