September 14, 2020

2020 NFL Team Total Wins Predictions

The NFL season is here. Last year, the Baltimore Ravens led the league with 14 wins and the Cincinnati Bengals were at the bottom of the barrel with just two wins.

That was the first time since the 2016-2017 season that a team won at least 14 games and also a team lost at least 14 games. Will we see another year with such a high disparity between the top and bottom teams of the league or will this year’s season be a little more compact? NFL team total bets are an excellent investment bet, much like betting on Super Bowl futures. See which team total you should be betting the Over or Under on.

*Totals via FanDuel Sportsbook


Kyler Murray has a year under his belt and DeAndre Hopkins has come to town. With Kliff Kingsbury calling the shots, this offense could be one of the league’s most dangerous. Arizona could sneak into the playoffs this season if the stars align.

Pick: Over 7.5 Wins


Matt Ryan is a sneaky good MVP bet this season. If Todd Gurley’s knees can hold up, Atlanta could be another team that could be in playoff contention this season and also sport a very dangerous offense.

Pick: Over 7.5 Wins


Coming off of his MVP season, Lamar Jackson could be in for a step back this season. With an entire offseason for teams to watch and plan for this offense, the Ravens will have a hard time being as dominant as they were last season. Forcing Jackson to throw more should be the game plan and if that happens, 12+ wins don't seem likely.

Pick: Under 11.5 Wins


Buffalo has one of the best defenses in the league. If Josh Allen can become a more efficient quarterback, this is a team that could make the playoffs and win a game or two as well. Stefon Diggs should help but the lack of fans in one of the toughest places to play will hurt the Bills’ home-field advantage. A tough schedule doesn’t help.

Pick: Under 8.5 Wins


The Panthers are expected to be among the league’s worst teams this season. Teddy Bridgewater did well filling in for Drew Brees but this Panthers’ roster isn’t as talented enough. Despite having the best running back in the league in Christian McCaffrey, Bridgewater won’t have enough talent around him to hide his flaws.

Pick: Under 5.5 Wins


After a two-win season, can the Bengals really win four or more games than last year with a rookie quarterback? A healthy A.J. Green will be nice and Joe Mixon is a top-ten back in the NFL. Still, it’s hard to imagine Burrow can lead this team to six or more wins. Next season, however, might be a different story.

Pick: Under 5.5 Wins


The Chicago Bears have a soap opera going on at quarterback. Still, this is a team that has a top-tier defense and a solid backfield to assist whoever ends up the starter between Mitchell Trubisky and Nick Foles. If Allen Robinson can be a legit WR1, the Bears will be a better team than many expect this season.

Pick: Over 8 Wins


After a disappointing 2019-20 season, the Browns will look to have the season in 2020 that everyone expected them to have last season. Baker Mayfield has two big helpers in the run game between Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt. OBJ will need to get back to his New York Giants days in terms of performance but the Browns do have the pieces for a playoff team. 

Pick: Over 8.5 Wins


Another year, another over-hyped Dallas Cowboys team. Dak Prescott is coming off of a career year and the Cowboys still only managed an 8-8 season. The scapegoat Jason Garrett is now gone but Packers’ fans will be the first to tell the Cowboys that Mike McCarthy’s play-calling and coaching isn’t exactly an improvement. Another year of mediocrity in the Big D.

Pick: Under 9.5 Wins


Kansas City has the best offense in the NFL but another team in the AFC West, the Denver Broncos, has perhaps the league’s best young offense. If Drew Lock can live up to expectations this season, then the Broncos will be this year’s Tennessee Titans. They may not make the AFC Championship game but they will certainly be the biggest surprise this season. A Wild Card spot seems very likely for this team.

Pick: Over 7.5 Wins


Matthew Stafford is one of the most underrated quarterbacks in the league solely because of what he has done playing for some of the worst teams of the 2000s in Detroit. The NFC North will be tight this season and Detroit could actually be in the mix this season. The Lions have the talent for 9-10 wins this season but as usual, losing too many close games will be their doom.

Pick: Under 7 Wins


Devin Funchess has opted out and now the Packers have the same pathetic wide receiver group (outside of Davante Adams) that they had last year. However, with a legit running back in Aaron Jones and a potential Frank Gore-like back in A.J. Dillion, maybe the pressure can be taken off of Aaron Rodgers and the passing game. Also, can Green Bay stop the run this season?

Pick: Push 9 Wins


Despite trading away their franchise's best ever wide receiver (sorry, Andre Johnson) for mere pennies, the Houston Texans are still a solid squad. However, both Indianapolis and Tennessee are also good teams so the AFC South will be difficult for Houston this season, outside of Jacksonville. Starting your season off against Kansas City doesn’t help either.

Pick: Under 7.5 Wins


After spending his entire career with the Chargers, Philip Rivers now has a change of scenery. With one of the deepest backfields in the NFL and one of the top five defenses in the NFL, do the Colts have a Super Bowl run in them? 

Pick: Over 9 Wins


With most of the team’s talent now out of Jacksonville, the league’s laughing stock is in for a long season. Five wins seem like a miracle task.

Pick: Under 4.5 Wins


Usually after winning the Super Bowl, most teams lost some key players the following season. Not the case for the Kansas City Chiefs this season. In fact, the addition of Clyde Edwards-Helaire can make this offense ever more potent. The favorites to repeat, we should expect another dominant season in Kansas City.

Pick: Over 11.5 Wins


This might be the last chance for Derek Carr to prove himself. A new location seems like a new start for the Raiders, even though there will be no fans. Carr has talent alongside him with Darren Waller, Josh Jacobs and Henry Ruggs III. Still, in the AFC West, it seems like the Raiders are in line for a third or fourth place finish. 

Pick: Under 7.5 Wins


Losing Derwin James for the season is a huge blow. Tyrod Taylor will be the starter and while he isn’t exactly one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, he does bring a different style to this Chargers team opposite of what they have had for years with Philip Rivers. Eight wins seem like their destiny this season.

Pick: Push 8 Wins


The Rams’ Super Bowl run seems like ages ago. After that impressive season a couple of years back, L.A. has had some struggles. Moving on from an injury-prone Todd Gurley may work out if Cam Akers lives up to his hype. The NFC West has a lot of talent this year and the Rams might be the ones to finish last. 

Pick: Under 8.5 Wins


The AFC East is a big question mark this season but one thing is for sure, the Dolphins won’t be winning it. A messy quarterback situation and an overall lack of talent on the offensive side of the ball, Miami just doesn’t appear to have what they need to manage seven wins this season. 

Pick: Under 6 Wins


With the Packers failing to improve this offseason and the Bears and Lions being, well, the Bears and Lions, the NFC North could be Minnesota’s to lose. A healthy Dalvin Cook is a necessity. With the Stefon Diggs drama gone, this could be an improved Vikings team with happier players. Defense and rushing is the name of the game and they have both.

Pick: Over 8.5 Wins


The New England Patriots could win Super Bowl 55 or they could lose double-digit games. It all depends on if we get MVP Cam Newton or just regular Cam Newton. The defense is still there and so is the best coach in NFL history. A reliable target in Julian Edelman and a potential star in N’Keal Harry, Newton will have the opportunity to take this team as far as he can. Look for Belichick and McDaniels to maximize his potential.

Pick: Over 9.5 Wins


Drew Brees has one or two more years to get that second Super Bowl Ring. He has the league’s best receiver in Michael Thomas and a top-five back in Alvin Kamara. He also has a defense that is capable of helping them win close games. Brees has everything he needs to get it done. I sure as hell am not betting against him.

Pick: Over 10.5 Wins


Look for a big sophomore season out of Daniel Jones. We know what to expect from Saquon Barkley and we should get just that. Jones has some nice targets in Golden Tate, Darius Slayton and Sterling Shepard (not to mention tight end Evan Engram). The defense will be the difference between three wins and as many as eight or nine wins this season. 

Pick: Over 6 Wins


A tough schedule will be a big obstacle for the New York Jets this season. Sam Darnold and his turnovers will be another major obstacle as well. Losing your best defensive player and the number of obstacles that the Jets have to deal with, it is hard to see this team put together seven wins.

Pick: Under 6 Wins


Receiving was the biggest issue for the Eagles last season and they did address the problem by drafting Jalen Reagor. If DeSean Jackson can stay on the field, the Eagles’ offense will be dangerous again. A nice committee in the running game should help Carson Wentz run this offense. The NFC East should be the Eagles to lose this season.

Pick: Over 9.5 Wins


Last year, the 49ers’ success came as a bit of a surprise. This year, it is expected. The defense is arguably the best in the league and their ground game is near the top as well. Jimmy G has proven himself capable of being an excellent game manager. The 49ers should be in for another deep run this season.

Pick: Over 10.5 Wins


The biggest question for Seattle this season will be their pass rush. If they struggle to pressure opposing quarterbacks, this defense could be in for a rough season. With San Francisco, an improved Arizona, and a stingy L.A., Seattle won’t have many easy wins on their schedule this season. 10 wins seem like one too many this season.

Pick: Under 9.5 Wins


With a healthy Ben Roethlisberger, many expect a big season out of Pittsburgh this year. Their defense is near the top of the league and that alone has been enough to help them get a lot of wins in the past. However, Juju Smith-Schuster doesn’t appear to be a legit WR1. James Conner is a solid back but not exactly a top-tier back. The defense will be excellent but the offense could be what hinders this team. With their schedule, nine wins seem like the most likely outcome.

Pick: Push 9 Wins


With the addition of Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski, Tampa Bay has become the most hyped team in years. Much like Cleveland last year, I’m not buying into the hype. Tom Brady doesn’t seem like a fit for this type of offense and to expect an injury-prone Gronk to be in Hall of Fame form after a year off is ludicrous. Even with the addition of Leonard Fournette (who is overrated), I still don’t see this team winning 10+ games with the Saints and an improved Falcons’ team in their division.

Pick: Under 9.5 Wins


After an AFC Championship Game appearance, the Tennessee Titans aren’t receiving much respect this season. All of their main pieces from last season are returning this year. Now knowing how good they can actually be as a team, look for the Titans to have another big season that sees another playoff appearance. It’s hard to bet against good rushing and good defense.

Pick: Over 8.5 Wins


This Washington franchise is going through a slew of problems this offseason. Most of which have been off the field. On the field, naming Dwayne Haskins as your starting QB is as bad as it can get for a franchise. Arguably the worst all-around team, five wins seems highly unlikely for this team as they will likely have the first overall pick next season.

Pick: Under 5 Wins

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