February 1, 2021

Super Bowl 55 Prop Bets You Should Consider

Super Bowl betting isn’t just about picking a winner or predicting the total number of points scored. In fact, more than any other NFL game during the season, the Super Bowl is loaded with intriguing prop bets that are worth looking at.

Even amateur bettors will enjoy putting some money down on prop bets since it doesn’t take that much expertise to win. Of course, if we’re being honest, the Super Bowl has almost too many prop bets that are unrelated to the final score of the game. It can be a little intimidating and confusing, which is why we did the leg work to pick out the most intriguing Super Bowl prop bets that you should consider.

National Anthem Over/under Two Minutes in Length

Conventional wisdom tells us that the national anthem before a Super Bowl takes over two minutes, perhaps close to two and a half minutes. Singers usually like to take their time so they can take in the moment.

It’s also difficult to sing that song fast in that kind of environment. However, with Eric Church and Jazmine Sullivan performing in tandem this year, it’s anybody’s guess how the national anthem will sound in a half-empty stadium.

Will the First Play of the Game be a Run or Pass?

In most Super Bowls, a running play is usually the safe bet. The odds of a rush are around -140 while a pass is at +110, which means the oddsmakers still favor a running play on first down at the start of the game. But with Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady as the two quarterbacks, both teams will probably be more willing to air it out on the first play from scrimmage.

The Chiefs, in particular, are going to live and die with Mahomes in this game. If the Bucs win the toss, perhaps it makes a running play a little more likely.

Will There be a Tie After 0-0?

With the spread at three points, we’re expecting a close game, right? That would seem to indicate that things could go back and forth with multiple ties and lead changes. After all, it would only take one team to answer a touchdown with a touchdown to give us a 7-7 tie in the first quarter and win this bet. Of course, PATs are no longer a given and if one team settles for a field goal early, it could make a tie difficult.

In the end, it comes down to whether you think these two teams are as evenly matched as the spread would indicate.

Which Team Will Score First?

We’re expecting a lot of offensive fireworks in this game, so this could go either way. Honestly, this could be decided by which team wins the coin toss, which is another fun Super Bowl prop bet.

Of course, most teams prefer to defer to the second half if they win the coin toss, so winning the toss could mean playing defense first. In that sense, this prop bet is quite literally a coin flip.

Player Who Scores the First Touchdown

In fairness, this is one of the most complicated prop bets during the Super Bowl.

You could easily pick out a half-dozen players on each team with a legitimate chance to score the first touchdown in Super Bowl 55. However, that means the payout if you pick correctly will be substantial. The lowest moneyline is Travis Kelce at +600 with everyone but him and Tyreek Hill listed at +1000 or higher.

The catch is that there’s no obvious choice and it’s not always the best player. For what it’s worth, Patrick Mahomes scored the first touchdown in last year’s Super Bowl. But having knowledge of the best players isn’t necessarily going to help. This bet is a crapshoot, but one that comes with a high payout if you guess right.

Will a Fan Run Onto the Field?

With a limited audience and security likely on high alert, the odds of someone successfully making it onto the field, which is why betting on “No” gives you a rather limited payout. Plus, the Super Bowl doesn’t typically bring out rowdy fans who dream of running onto the field. After all, who’s going to spend that much money on a ticket just to spend the night in prison after running onto the field. However, the +500 odds for a “Yes” make it worth considering.

The Color of the Winning Head Coach’s Gatorade Bath

This one is tricky because there are a half-dozen options.

At the moment, Orange, Red, and Lime-Green are the most likely options since they seem to be the most popular flavors of Gatorade. However, some sportsbooks are giving Blue Gatorade +800 odds, which is far from impossible and could give you a hefty payout. Purple is listed at +1000 at some places, but you'd be taking a long shot with that bet.

What Will be Said First: COVID or 'Pandemic?

Hopefully, this is a one-time-only prop bet.

At the moment, COVID has slightly better odds of winning this bet. However, if you’ve been listening to Jim Nantz and Tony Romo during the playoffs, perhaps you’ve caught on to what terminology they use more often.

Will There be a Missed PAT?

This bet is relatively new to Super Bowl prop sheets because the PAT is no longer a sure thing. Plus, teams are more inclined to try a two-point conversion, creating fewer chances for that to be a miss.

On the other hand, both the Buccaneers and Chiefs could score several touchdowns, giving their kickers more chances to miss a PAT. That being said, both Harrison Butker and Ryan Succop have been close to automatic on PATs this season.

Frankly, we’re talking in circles because you could make a case either way.

Over/Under 8 Songs Performed at Halftime

Don’t forget that prop bets also take place at halftime.

This year, The Weeknd is set to perform and will likely be joined by some surprise guest performers. Betting on the specific songs he’ll perform is a fool’s errand, even if you’re familiar with his entire catalog. However, guessing the over/under on eight songs is a fair bet.

Keep in mind that artists rarely perform a complete song, which enables them to do more songs. That being said, taking the under on eight songs does pay a little more.

Photo: Getty Images