May 4, 2021

Seahawks' DK Metcalf Could Qualify for Summer Olympics

DK Metcalf is putting his speed to the ultimate test.

The Seahawks' superstar receiver is set to participate in the 100-meter dash at the USA Track and Field's Golden Games and Distance on Sunday, according to NBC Sports. 

Metcalf hinted that he was up to something by posting a cryptic video of him dropping running cleats on Twitter:

"DK's agent told us that he really wants to try to make the Olympics and asked what steps he needs to take," USATF Managing Director Adam Schmenk told Yahoo Sports. "We walked him through what the auto qualifying time was that he would have to run in a sanctioned USATF event and told him that we would help him find a lane if and when he wanted to do this."

But could Metcalf really qualify for the Summer Olympics? 

For the Ole Miss product to qualify for the Olympics Trials, he'll need to break 10.2 seconds, with no more than two meters per second of legal tailwind, per NBC Sports. A time of 10.05 would automatically qualify the receiver for the Olympic Trials.

Metcalf, who ran the 40-yard dash at 4.33 seconds in 2019, reached a top speed of 22.6 miles per hour when chasing down Cardinals safety Budda Baker last season to prevent a defensive touchdown, according to Next Gen Stats. 

It was quite possibly the most impressive play of the year:

If Metcalf could maintain that speed for 100 meters then he would finish a 100-meter dash in a whopping 9.88 seconds. 

Metcalf won't be at full speed from the start, sure, but he also won't be wearing pads and a helmet, either. 

Photo: Getty Images