June 17, 2022
BY Lance Cartelli

Ranking the 10 Best Games of the 2022 NFL Season

Are you ready for some football? 

The 2022 NFL season is on the horizon, and with the league finally releasing the regular-season schedule, we’ve identified our 10 favorite matchups of the campaign. 

This schedule is littered with heated rivalries and juicy revenge games, but what’s the best tilt of the upcoming season? Find out now. 

10. Week 13: Browns at Texans

While we’re not expecting the Texans to be entertaining this season, this game should draw a ton of interest if a certain someone is on the field. 

That someone is, of course, Deshaun Watson. 

The former Texans QB was traded in the offseason to the Browns and given a massive contract, but his impending suspension is looming. Will he be back on the field for this potential revenge game in Week 13? 

I wouldn’t be surprised if he is, which will make this game incredibly intriguing. 

9. Week 10: Commanders at Eagles

Speaking of revenge games, this battle between NFC East rivals just got a lot spicier this offseason.

With the Colts bailing on their Carson Wentz experiment by dealing the former Eagles passer to the Washington Commanders, that’s set up two revenge games in the 2022 season. While these two squads will meet in Week 3, that’ll be in Washington. We really want to see Wentz’s return to Philadelphia, which arrives in Week 10. 

As long as Wentz is healthy and doesn’t play his way off the field, then we should see Philly fans in rare form as they will watch their former franchise QB try to steal a win. 

8. Week 9: Rams at Buccaneers

Now that Tom Brady is unretired, for now, this matchup is back to being must-see TV. 

It’s a rematch of the epic playoff game from last season which included a vintage Brady 24-point comeback and a 3-point Rams win. 

This could be an NFC Championship preview, but if it isn’t, this will probably be Brady’s last game against Sean McVay and the Rams.

7. Week 14: Buccaneers at 49ers

This is a what-could’ve-been scenario for the golden boy Tom Brady. 

After Brady departed the Patriots, the GOAT wanted to play for his hometown team, the San Francisco 49ers. Unfortunately for the seven-time Super Bowl champion, the 49ers were committed to Brady’s former understudy, Jimmy Garoppolo. Even this past season during Brady’s brief retirement, he wanted to join the 49ers. 

Now he can exact his revenge on the team he grew up rooting for. They didn’t draft him and they were more interested in Jimmy G and Trey Lance than him. 

It also could be a playoff preview. This one should be fun. 

6. Week 2: Chargers at Chiefs

The Chargers-Chiefs rivalry has transformed into one of the best in the league. 

The two franchises have two of the most exciting young QBs in the NFL in Justin Herbert and Patrick Mahomes. But is it finally time the Chargers surpass the Chiefs in the AFC West? 

The Bolts loaded up this offseason and, for the first time in years, have a real shot at dethroning the Chiefs. 

It starts in Week 2 in Kansas City. If the Chargers can escape with a victory then they could have the Chiefs playing catch up all season. 

5. Week 13: Chiefs at Bengals

Here’s another playoff rematch that we can’t wait to see. 

The Bengals pulled off the massive upset of the Chiefs in the AFC Championship Game last year, and Cincinnati only got better this offseason. 

This game could have big playoff implications, too. 

The Bengals, at home, will be out to prove that the AFC Championship Game wasn’t a fluke and that they are a perennial Super Bowl contender. 

4. Week 4: Chiefs at Buccaneers

It doesn’t get much better than Tom Brady versus Patrick Mahomes. 

This rematch of Super Bowl 55 should be a little different. 

The Chiefs now employ arguably the best offensive line in the NFL, which is a stark difference from the Super Bowl where Patrick Mahomes was continually running for his life. 

Unless these two teams meet again in the Super Bowl, this is probably the last time we’ll see Brady versus Mahomes in a game. Let’s enjoy it while we can. 

3. Week 8: 49ers at Rams

These two bitter NFC West rivals clashed three times last season, with the Rams winning the most important game: the NFC Championship. 

While these two teams are incredibly familiar with each other, we’ll presumably get to see Trey Lance, not Jimmy G, under center for the 49ers. Will that give the Niners the edge to sweep the Rams in the regular season again? Or will Lance’s growing pains give the Rams an opportunity to repeat as division champs? 

Either way, expect these two matchups to be some of the best of the season. 

2. Week 1: Broncos at Seahawks

It’s the biggest revenge game of the campaign. 

Russell Wilson, who has been trying to get out of Seattle for years, finally got his wish and was dealt to Denver in the offseason. And, of course, the schedule makers wasted little time for Wilson to play his former squad. 

In the first game of the season, we’ll see Mr. Unlimited himself as the signal-caller for the Broncos. Will Wilson have growing pains in his first game? Or will he show the Seahawks what they’re missing out on? 

Unless the Seahawks upgrade at QB, it might be a long day for Seattle.  

1. Week 6: Bills at Chiefs

The Bills and Chiefs arguably played the best game of the season in the absolutely wild AFC Championship Game which Kansas City won in overtime. 

Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen are two of the brightest young stars at QB and could be the modern-day Tom Brady-Peyton Manning rivalry. That rivalry will continue in Week 6 in what could ultimately determine home-field advantage in the AFC. 

We’ll be lucky if the game comes close to how great the AFC Championship Game was, but, if we’re lucky, we’ll get another overtime thriller. 

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