July 24, 2020
BY Lance Cartelli

One Question For Every NFL Team Entering the 2020 Season

There are plenty of question marks surrounding the 2020 NFL season. 

What will training camp look like? What happens if an entire team gets the coronavirus? How much will the loss of revenue impact future salary cap totals? What the hell is the Washington Football Team doing? And, of course, will the season actually happen?

But those aren’t the only questions that are being asked. Every NFL team has questions that need to be answered as they enter the 2020 season. 

Let’s take a look at the biggest burning question surrounding every football franchise before the kickoff of the 2020 campaign. 

Seattle Seahawks: Will Pete Carroll and Co. unleash Russell Wilson?

We’ve seen what guys like Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson and Deshaun Watson can do when they’re empowered by their offensive coordinators. Will the Seahawks finally cave and let Russ cook or will they continue to establish the run?

If they want to win in the competitive NFC West, they might have to. 

San Francisco 49ers: Can they avoid a Super Bowl hangover? 

The 49ers’ came heartbreakingly close to winning Super Bowl LIV. But will the team be able to evade the dreaded Super Bowl hangover? With the loss of DeForest Buckner and Emmanuel Sanders, the road will be tougher. 

Los Angeles Rams: How much will Sean McVay miss Wade Phillips? 

After the Rams’ Super Bowl loss, the shine on Sean McVay started to dull. Now with his former trusty defensive coordinator out of town, how will the Rams’ young defense perform under the unproven Brandon Staley? The Rams have plenty of holes on that side of the ball. 

Arizona Cardinals: Can the Cardinals live up to the offseason hype? 

Over the past few seasons, we’ve seen hyped-up teams such as the Cleveland Browns crumble under the pressure. The Cardinals are one of the winners of the offseason, but that doesn’t always equate to a playoff run. 

Green Bay Packers: Who will emerge as a second receiving threat? 

In one of the most stacked wide receiver drafts in recent memory, the Packers decided to ignore the position. Will Aaron Rodgers favorite Allen Lazard hold on to the No. 2 job? Will newcomer Devin Funchess steal his spot and reignite his career? What about the forgotten Marquez Valdes-Scantling? Could it be a tight end like Jace Sternberger? The Packers have a lot to figure out on offense. 

Minnesota Vikings: How will the new-look defense perform after losing multiple starters? 

The Vikings lost four starters on defense this offseason — and they could lose even more next year. Mike Zimmer, who just inked an extension, has his work cut out for him in this weird season. 

Chicago Bears: Who starts at QB on Week 1? 

The Bears stupidly traded a fourth-round pick to acquire Nick Foles in the offseason when they could've just signed Cam Newton for cheap.

Now, with an abbreviated offseason, will that allow Mitch Trubisky to start the year under center for Chicago? It could happen. 

Detroit Lions: Will Matt Patricia get fired before the team’s Week 5 bye? 

Matt Patricia is on the hot seat. He’ll need his Lions team to start strong to avoid losing his job by the team’s off week. 

Philadelphia Eagles: Who will start at receiver? 

The Eagles were busy in the offseason trying to fill their massive hole at pass catcher. The question is, who will emerge? Whoever it is should get plenty of opportunities. 

Dallas Cowboys: Is the defense good enough to make the Cowboys a championship contender? 

The Cowboys have one of the best offenses in the NFL, and they’re looking like a potential Super Bowl contender. The team’s defense could be their Achilles heel, though. 

New York Giants: Can Danny Dimes avoid the sophomore slump? 

Jones was a pleasant surprise as a rookie, other than his affinity for fumbling. If he can continue his development, then the future for the Giants looks a lot brighter. 

Washington Football Team: How many times will people screw up and call the Washington Football team the R-words? 

This is for all the people who still say “San Diego Chargers” and “Oakland Raiders.” Habits are hard to break. 

New Orleans Saints: Can Brees ride off into the sunset with a Super Bowl victory? 

On paper, the Saints might have the most-talented roster in the league. Will Brees be able to lead New Orleans to the promised land before hanging it up and becoming a broadcaster? 

Atlanta Falcons: Can the defense carry over their momentum from a year ago? 

The Falcons defense played pretty darn good toward the end of the 2019 campaign. It’s hard to carry that over year-to-year, especially on defense. Dan Quinn’s job will depend on it. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Is the old Gronk back? 

Gronk could barely move at the end of his Patriots run, but after a year off — and a WWE title run — the Bucs’ tight end might be rejuvenated for one more run with Tom Brady. 

Carolina Panthers: How will the Matt Rhule-Joe Brady offense look with Teddy Bridgewater in charge? 

The Panthers are in rebuild mode, but their offense looks pretty enticing. If Rhule and Brady can carry over their success from college, then Carolina might have an offense worth buying into in fantasy. 

Baltimore Ravens: Can Lamar Jackson prove that he’s a good playoff quarterback? 

Whether it’s fair or not, the reigning MVP hasn’t exactly set the world on fire in the playoffs. He’ll need to change that if he wants to surpass Mahomes as the best QB in the league. 

Pittsburgh Steelers: Is Big Ben healthy? 

The 38-year-old passer had reconstructive elbow surgery, so it’s a pretty big question. 

Cleveland Browns: Is Baker Mayfield the answer in Cleveland? 

This is a pivotal year for the Browns and Mayfield. If he struggles like he did a year ago, the Browns might be searching for another potential franchise QB. 

Cincinnati Bengals: Will the Bengals be able to block for Joe Burrow? 

The Bengals might not be good this year, but their offense might be. That’s if the lackluster offensive line can block for the No. 1 pick. 

Kansas City Chiefs: Are the Chiefs the next NFL dynasty? 

The Chiefs remain absolutely stacked after re-signing Mahomes and Chris Jones this offseason. They’re the favorites as long as the best player under 25 remains healthy.  

Denver Broncos: Is Drew Lock the real deal? 

There are no excuses for Lock in his sophomore season. The former Mizzou quarterback has one of the most talented offenses in the league.

Lock looked like he plenty of potential in his handful of starts a year ago. 

Las Vegas Raiders: How long until Marcus Mariota is starting?

The clock is ticking in Las Vegas. After the Raiders gave Mariota a lucrative contract for a backup quarterback, Carr’s days were numbered. 

Los Angeles Chargers: Will their elite defense be able to carry a mediocre offense? 

The Chargers have one of the best defenses in the league, but their new ball-control offense — led by Tyrod Taylor — could sink their chances at making the playoffs. 

New England Patriots: Is Cam Newton the long-term answer?

If Cam Newton is recovered from his injuries and gets close to his 2015 MVP form, then the Patriots will have hit the jackpot once again. Newton could cash in as well if that happens. 

Buffalo Bills: Will Josh Allen be good in real life or just fantasy football? 

The tall Josh Allen is one of the better fantasy football quarterbacks, but his play on the field leaves a lot to be desired. If he can improve his accuracy and decision making, then the Bills passer might be in the MVP race

New York Jets: Will the team mutiny against Adam Gase by Week 1 or Week 2? 

Apparently nobody on the Jets likes coach Adam Gase — especially Jamal Adams. It’s just a matter of time until the players quit on him or worse. 

Miami Dolphins: Will the Dolphins’ offensive line get Tua killed? 

Tua Tagovailoa is reportedly healthy and ready to go for the upcoming season, but will the Dolphins league-worst offensive line get him injured again? We might see more Fitzmagic in South Florida. 

Houston Texans: How much will the Texans miss DeAndre Hopkins? 

The Texans practically gave Hopkins away this offseason. Will that hurt Deshaun Watson this season? They might not miss him as much as you think as the Texans receivers look pretty underrated. 

Tennessee Titans: Will Ryan Tannehill live up to his massive contract? 

Ryan Tannehill is one of the big winners of the offseason, signing a massive contract to make him one of the highest-paid players in the NFL in 2020. The pressure is on for him to perform like he did last season.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Is Gardner Minshew the future? 

The Jaguars could be in line for one of the top rookie passers in the draft next year unless Minshew proves he's a franchise quarterback. 

Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields and Trey Lance might be too good to pass up. 

Indianapolis Colts: Is Rivers washed? 

The Colts’ new starting quarterback struggled last year tossing 20 interceptions behind the Chargers’ terrible offensive line. There’ll be no excuses for Rivers if he can’t shine behind the Colts’ top-tier line. 

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