February 11, 2021

Every NFL Team's Odds of Trading for Carson Wentz

With the Los Angeles Rams landing Matthew Stafford, one established quarterback has already been traded this offseason. Odds are, Stafford won’t be the last.

While Deshaun Watson remains in a standoff with the Houston Texans, there are also rumblings about the Philadelphia Eagles trading Carson Wentz. The growing tension between the Eagles and Wentz came to a head this past season when Wentz was benched for Jalen Hurts.

It’s clear that Wentz is unhappy in Philadelphia, making it almost inevitable that the Eagles will trade him. The only question is where will he end up.

Let’s take a look at each team’s odds of working out a trade for Wentz this offseason.

Indianapolis Colts: 25%

The Colts are the most sensible landing spot for Wentz. They tried Philip Rivers as a one-year fix but still don’t have a long-term replacement for Andrew Luck, who isn’t going to come out of retirement.

The rest of Indy’s roster is in great shape and could make the Colts a championship contender with the right quarterback. They also have more than enough cap room to absorb Wentz and his contract. The kicker is that Colts coach Frank Reich was Philadelphia’s offensive coordinator a few years ago and worked with Wentz early in his career. That helps make the Colts and Eagles a perfect pair, while also inspiring the Colts to take a leap of faith and trade for Wentz.

Chicago Bears: 20%

Word on the street is that Chicago’s interest in Wentz is cooling because of Philadelphia’s asking price. But after back-to-back 8-8 seasons, Matt Nagy is squarely on the hot seat so he's desperate to find a fix at QB.

Mitchell Trubisky hasn’t done enough to prove he’s the long-term solution for the Bears. Even if Wentz has struggled over the past couple of years, he’s undoubtedly an upgrade over Trubisky. Plus, the Bears could offer Nick Foles in a trade with the Eagles, returning the former Super Bowl MVP to Philadelphia to serve as the backup to Hurts, making the move make a lot of sense for both sides.

New England Patriots: 15%

Watching Tom Brady win the Super Bowl with the Buccaneers should make the Patriots more motivated than ever to find an answer at quarterback. Unless Bill Belichick loves one of the rookie quarterbacks who will still be available when they draft 15th overall — aka Mac Jones — New England has to give strong consideration to Wentz.

Even if they have to give up the 15th overall pick, it’d be worthwhile for the Patriots, who have the cap space to trade for Wentz without worrying about the money.

The caveat is that the rest of New England’s roster isn’t exactly a finished product. Wentz wouldn’t necessarily have better receivers at his disposal in New England than he did in Philadelphia after the injury bug hit the Eagles.

Denver Broncos: 15%

The Broncos made at least some effort to acquire Stafford, and while they may prefer Watson, they could have a strong interest in Wentz. The problem is that trading Drew Lock as part of the deal probably won't appeal to the Eagles because they'd prefer to give Hurts a chance. That could require the Broncos to give up more draft picks or perhaps an established player to acquire Wentz from Philadelphia.

That being said, a veteran quarterback like Wentz could do wonders with the likes of Jerry Jeudy, Courtland Sutton, Noah Fant, and Denver’s other receivers at his disposal. The North Dakota native would also be a lot closer to home in Denver, so this trade would make a lot of sense for both Wentz and the Broncos. 

Houston Texans: 5%

Assuming they trade Watson, the Texans could jump into the conversation for Wentz. In a way, replacing one disgruntled quarterback with another makes sense.

Wentz would surely welcome a trade to Houston and the chance to start over with a new team that is also starting over with a new coach. The problem is that the Texans would have to trade Watson and his contract before getting serious about adding Wentz and his contract. That could throw up some roadblocks that make the Texans less likely than some other destinations.

Las Vegas Raiders: 5%

The Raiders could be an interesting dark horse in the Wentz sweepstakes. Las Vegas is reportedly open to trading Derek Carr, who has two years left on his deal. In theory, Marcus Mariota would be given a chance to become the starter. But the Raiders could also make a move for Wentz. Of course, it’s debatable whether Wentz would be a sizable upgrade over Carr.

Carolina Panthers: 5%

The Panthers like Teddy Bridgewater, but after nearly trading for Stafford, they clearly aren't committed to their starter for the longterm. And Wentz is potentially a long-term answer if Matt Rhule and the Carolina coaching staff can get him back to the level he was a few years ago.

They would also have to find a suitor for Bridgewater if they wanted to trade for Wentz. There aren’t easy answers to those questions, which is why the Panthers are a possibility but not necessarily a serious contender for Wentz right now.

The Field/No Trade: 10%

The Rams weren’t exactly the clear-cut favorite for Stafford, so some teams on the periphery shouldn’t be overlooked.

For example, Washington may want Wentz, but would the Eagles be willing to trade him inside the division?

Would the Jets and Eagles want to swap Wentz for Sam Darnold? That scenario doesn’t make a ton of sense.

Would Wentz be enough of an upgrade over Jimmy Garoppolo for the 49ers to make a move? After all, Wentz has a similar injury-riddled history to Garoppolo.

With the way things stand, nothing can be ruled out at the moment. However, the teams at the top of our list are far more reasonable destinations for Wentz.

Photo: Getty Images/Lines Illustration