December 17, 2021

3 Best NFL Week 15 Special Bets You Need To Throw Down On

The Week 15 NFL slate has only a few noteworthy games that will directly impact playoff seeding and divisional races. That doesn't mean there aren't numerous opportunities for us to be entertained and profit off these games, but the average fan may not be as intrigued with the non-primetime games. That's okay with us, as we're always keeping an eye on the prop bets regardless of the matchups.

This week has presented us with several great prop bets to jump on. We've identified three Week 15 special NFL bets that DraftKings have presented to us. Each of these are matchup and opportunity based, so consider putting a partial unit on each.

Let's dive into the three best Week 15 NFL special bets. We'll break them down from every angle in order to help you cash in and line your bankroll. 

Cam Newton, Josh Allen combine for over 1.5 rushing TDs (+200)

It's fitting we'll see Buffalo, a team that has taken the majority of its identity and some personnel from Carolina, against their original archetype. The Bills play a similar style defense and even have a quarterback who was once in the mold of Panthers' star Cam Newton. Now we have the chance to see Newton and Allen go head-to-head.

Newton is still a dominant red-zone rusher at 32. His 74 career scores can continue to climb as long as he plays. He's simply too big and fast for defenders to win one-on-one near the goal line. In four games with the Panthers in 2021, he has four scores.

Allen has become a more accurate version of Newton already in his young career and he brings a similar rushing threat near the goal line. He has 29 rushing touchdowns in 57 games, just shy of matching Newton's pace. It turns out that having a 6-foot-5 and a 240-pound frame is helpful in short-yard situations. 

I like the novelty and possibility of this bet. Neither offense has a reliable running back at this point in the season and the middle of both defenses are vulnerable to being pushed upfield. 

George Kittle, Kyle Pitts over 174.5 combined receiving yards (+140)

The beauty of this bet is it comes on the heels of George Kittle going nuclear in back-to-back games. We expect Deebo Samuel to be full-go against the Falcons this week, but the 49ers are again prioritizing their star tight end. And the Falcons lack anyone able to man up against the All-Pro.

With Kittle totaling 352 yards over his last two games, this bet is already tempting. Factor in Pitts being a major target for San Francisco and this is a relatively safe bet. The Falcons are middle of the pack on the year allowing yards to tight ends, with 621.

San Francisco is second-best at allowing tight ends to go off against them, but Pitts can transcend the position unlike most playmakers at his position. He often lines up outside or in the slot, making him more of a true receiver who can exploit one-on-one matchups. Matt Ryan should give him plenty of chances to make plays and push this over.

Russell Wilson, Matthew Stafford each have over 1.5 passing TDs (+170)

It's desperation time for both the Seahawks and Rams. Seattle must continue to win in order to push for a wildcard spot, and the Rams are charging to win the NFC West. Expect this game to be eventful and entertaining. 

Both passing defenses are highly vulnerable, with Seattle dead last in yards allowed and LA sitting 20th. Russell Wilson and Matthew Stafford only had one touchdown each last matchup, but chances are high history doesn't repeat. Wilson's had three straight two-touchdown games, and Stafford has had only two one-touchdown games since their Week 5 matchup.

It's also notable how the running game for both teams has struggled. These high-volume passing games will be pushing the ball as often as they can. This should be a great bet to cash in on. 

Photo: Getty Images