November 23, 2020
BY Lance Cartelli

Mike McCarthy Apparently Used a Sledgehammer to Motivate Cowboys

Football coaches will do crazy things to motivate their team, especially when they're on the hot seat

Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy was a prime example of that before Dallas' victory over Minnesota.

The typically mild-mannered coach unleashed a sledgehammer like he's Triple H to motivate his team, according to a hilarious NFL Media report. 

That's right. McCarthy went full-Gallagher and smashed watermelons with the Cowboys' team objectives for the game on each fruit. 

As the blood-and-guts of watermelons flew all over the place, a drenched — and presumably exhausted — McCarthy finally got to a watermelon with Vikings running back Dalvin Cook's face on it. 

Cowboys pass rusher DeMarcus Lawrence then volunteered to smash the final watermelon, saving McCarthy from one final half-hearted blow. 

Apparently, the team loved it, although they still allowed Cook to run for 115 yards. But in the end, a gimmicky yet hilarious motivational tactic seemed to work as the Cowboys came away victorious.

Now we just need to get our hands on that video of a watermelon-soaked McCarthy smashing the fruit. 

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Photo: Getty Images