June 2, 2021
BY Lance Cartelli

Lynn Bowden Jr. Gave Himself An Awful Dolphins Tattoo

Lynn Bowden Jr. is a man of many talents.

At Kentucky, Bowden played quarterback, running back, wide receiver and kick returner. And now he can add another line to his resume: awful amateur tattoo artist. 

In a profile by Tyler Dunne for Go Long, the second-year Dolphins receiver revealed the truly terrible tattoo he gave himself of his number and what appears to be the franchise's logo, but we can't be quite sure... 

What makes matters worse is that Bowden who — as you can see —  has the No. 15 permanently on his body, but since the NFL relaxed their rules on jersey numbers, Bowden has since switched to No. 6. 

Despite the poor craftsmanship on his body art, Bowden says he's going to get it professionally reworked: “It’s going to be big. With the No. 15.” 

Hopefully, Bowden makes the Dolphins' roster or else it'll really be ruined. 

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Photo: Getty Images