November 16, 2020
BY Lance Cartelli

Hail Murray: Kyler Murray's Game-Winning Touchdown Pass to DeAndre Hopkins Broke the Internet

It took 10 whole weeks, but we finally have our play of the year in the NFL. 

Down four with just nine seconds left, the jaw-dropping Kyler Murray evaded a sack, rolled to his left and unfurled a beautiful pass to the end zone to DeAndre Hopkins who rose above multiple defenders to snatch the game-winning pass to push the Cardinals over the Bills

It was a simply incredible play from two of the most talented players in the league today. 

And the Internet ate that shit up like they always do. 

LeBron James Loved It

And he wasn't alone...

Even Murray and Hopkins had something to say about it 

D.J. Humphries' Reaction might have been the best part

Of course, the Internet had too much fun with the 'Hail Murray'

The Cardinals' miraculous win puts Arizona in a three-way tie with the Rams and Seahawks for the NFC West title. 

Photo: Getty Images