August 5, 2021
BY Lance Cartelli

Everyone Must Address Jason Garrett as 'Coach,' Says Jason Garrett

Things are pretty normal in New York. 

The Giants have had multiple players retire, a training camp brawl that made headlines and now an assistant coach is having a public power trip over what people should call him. 

Jason Garrett, the former Cowboys head coach and future-fired Giants offensive coordinator, doesn't like to be referred to by his first name, apparently. 

Even if it's a bad joke, the New York media sure isn't taking it that way. Of course, antagonizing them in such a forgiving media environment won't backfire on "Coach."

Social media, which has always loved having some fun with "The Clapper" over the years, had a field day at his expense. 

It wasn't the only bizarre moment from Garrett's press conference. He also wrote the word "FIGHT" on his shirt, which is weird timing as the Giants are coming off a brawl that caused coach Joe Judge to treat his team like a bunch of children. 

We can't wait to see what happens next for the G-Men. 

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Photo: Getty Images