April 21, 2021
BY Lance Cartelli

Eagles Coach Nick Sirianni Played Rock, Paper, Scissors to Evaluate Prospects Competitiveness

During NFL Draft season, everyone is playing games. 

Teams continuously put out smokescreens and leak false information to throw rival franchises off their scent as they zero in on the prospects they want to select in the upcoming draft. 

But it appears that one coach is playing actual games with draft prospects. 

Apparently, Eagles coach Nick Sirianni, who refused to name Jalen Hurts his starting QB on Wednesday, told the media that he's played rock, paper, scissors with prospects to determine their competitiveness.

While that's certainly better than what some draft prospects have been asked in pre-draft meetings, it's an incredibly odd — and extremely Football Guy — move to pull on a Zoom call. 

Imagine if the Eagles pass on an amazing prospect — like they did with Justin Jefferson a year ago — because he didn't show his elite competitiveness after Sirianni beat his paper with scissors.

But perhaps that's how Philly ended up with Jalen Reagor

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Photo: Getty Images