Updated September 27, 2022

Cooper Rush Has Saved the Dallas Cowboys' Season (For Now)

Typically, when an NFL team loses their franchise quarterback to injury for even just a few games, it torpedoes that squad’s chances of making the playoffs or even being relevant late in the season. 

We’ve seen it happen every year — including multiple times to the Dallas Cowboys. When Dak Prescott, unfortunately, broke his leg in gruesome fashion, the Cowboys were effectively eliminated from having any chance at succeeding.  Their season was all but over. 

However, this time, things are a little different for Big D. 

Prescott is recovering from breaking the base of his thumb, but all of a sudden there doesn’t seem to be a huge urgency to bring him back. That’s because the Cowboys, whether through luck or actual player development, have seemed to solve their backup QB problems with a familiar face: Cooper Rush. 

Rush could have easily sunk the Cowboys into irrelevancy by dropping games against the defending AFC champion Cincinnati Bengals and the then-undefeated New York Giants. Instead, he’s the one who is undefeated as a starting quarterback. 

Rush looked more than competent, and much better than Danny Dimes, in the Cowboys' victory over the G-Men on Monday Night Football. He completed 21-of-31 passes for 215 yards and a touchdown, and that doesn’t include what was probably a dropped touchdown from CeeDee Lamb. 

Rush looked confident and let it rip, with surprising arm strength that is probably better than Prescott’s. 

Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised that the Prince William lookalike had improved and built confidence with the Cowboys coaching staff. 

Last week, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones made the head-scratching remarks that he would welcome a QB controversy between Rush and Prescott. 

While that statement is still batshit crazy, it’s not as crazy as it was a week or two ago. 

But let’s not get too ahead of ours. The Cowboys are still not going anywhere this year. 

Not only are they in the same division as the NFC’s newest juggernaut, the Philadelphia Eagles, but they still have Mike McCarthy as the ol’ ball coach. 

McCarthy has proven that he’s not a good coach. He held back Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay and he’s slammed shut the Cowboys’ Super Bowl window with his awful coaching and time management. 

The Cowboys have one of the best defenses in the NFL, led by the best coach on their staff: defensive coordinator Dan Quinn. 

Micah Parsons, Trevon Diggs and the Cowboys' defense will keep them in guys, but, unfortunately, we all know what will happen. McCarthy will make a bone-headed move that will lose the team the game, just like last year in the playoffs against the 49ers. 

Rush’s ability to keep the Cowboys afloat in the NFC East is admirable, but it’s just delaying the inevitable of McCarthy’s incompetence. It’s only a matter of time until McCarthy gets the boot and Sean Payton is Jerry Jones’ new toy to play with.

Photo: Getty Images