September 30, 2021

Ranking the 3 NFL Teams That Should Trade for Deshaun Watson Right Now

The Deshaun Watson trade talks are reportedly picking up again.

According to Fox Sports, the Texans have apparently lowered their asking price for their former franchise quarterback after Watson requested a trade during the offseason.

So this obviously begs the question, which teams should trade for Watson? The uncertainty surrounding his availability due to an off-the-field investigation of sexual misconduct will make teams hesitant to pay the hefty price, but that won't stop some QB-needy squads. 

The rumored asking price for the Texans remains at least three first-round picks, but if Houston is OK with taking less, which it sounds like they are, then a trade could happen prior to the deadline. 

Who should mortgage their future for the 26-year-old? We've ranked his three best landing spots below. 

3. Pittsburgh Steelers

It is pretty clear that Ben Roethlisberger's time in the NFL is over.

The offense ranks towards the bottom in most statistical categories while Pittsburgh is wasting an elite defense. With Roethlisberger taking the snaps, the Steelers have no chance at being competitive. He is just too old and broken down.

While the offense has been flat all season, it is not because of a lack of talent. With a trio of Diontae Johnson, Chase Claypool and JuJu Smith-Schuster, the Steelers have one of the best stable of receivers in the league. They also have their first-round pick, Najee Harris, who looks good but is stuck in an offense that has no rhythm or identity.

Having a talented group of skill players is nice, but without a competent offensive line and a QB to get them the ball, it doesn't really matter how good they are. 

Watson might not be available to play right away for Pittsburgh, but that is one less position they have to worry about in the offseason. They could finally focus on fixing the offensive line, and start the transition into the post-Big Ben era.

2. Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles were one of the teams that were in the mix for Watson during the offseason, but — thanks to Watson's legal troubles — Philadelphia has stuck with their second-year passer Jalen Hurts. 

Hurts hasn't been good enough in his second season, proving that he's not ready to lead the Eagles to the postseason. The Eagles' loss to the Cowboys on Monday might already have been the final straw. While Hurts certainly isn't a bust, he's just not even close to being on Watson's level. 

The Eagles have the assets to deal for Watson after they shipped off Carson Wentz to the Colts in the offseason while also adding the Dolphins' first-rounder in a trade. 

Philadelphia has been competitive in most of the games they have played so far this season, but they got exposed when they faced their first real challenge against the Cowboys.

Depending on when Watson plays, he could immediately make the Eagles a threat in the NFC East. Either way, it'd be a huge leap in helping them return to the Super Bowl. 

1. Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins have seemingly been the front runner for Watson ever since he requested a trade from the Texans. Even though they are without their own first-rounder this year, Miami has the assets to acquire Watson and he might be the passer's preferred destination. They can offer up Tua Tagovailoa in the trade. Not many teams can offer a better deal.

Despite inconsistent quarterback play last season, the Dolphins won 10 games and were extremely close to making the playoffs. With Tagovailoa hurt again, they turned to Jacoby Brissett who is a fine backup quarterback, but should not be starting for a playoff-hopeful team. The offense is towards the bottom of the league in most statistical categories and it is clear that their current situation is just not working out.

After a 1-2 start, the Dolphins should be motivated to land a quarterback that would make them an instant contender in the AFC East. When Watson eventually gets traded, it'll be shocking if it's not the 'Fins who land the once-coveted franchise QB, especially considering he has a full no-trade clause.

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Joseph Redden
1/14 3:33 PM
Whoever writes these articles needs to do some better research. In the article they talked about how Hurts hasn't measured up and said... "The Eagles' loss to the Cowboys on Monday might already have been the final straw." Does the writer of this article understand that Hurts didn't even play in that game? Garnder Minshew was the QB for the Eagles because they were resting the starters. Beyond Kelce playing one snap, and Devonta playing a couple downs to break the record, there weren't any starters in the game. Do a little bit of research before writing articles if you want to be taken seriously. When I wrote for Bleacher Report they would have denied this article before it even hit the site.