February 3, 2021

5 Reasons Why the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Will Win Super Bowl 55

When Tom Brady joined the Buccaneers during the offseason, Tampa Bay immediately became a legitimate Super Bowl contender. However, not everyone was convinced that the Bucs would actually get to this point of the season, even with Brady running the show. But the Bucs have made it to the Big Game for just the second time in franchise history.

They’ve also done it the hard way, winning three playoff games on the road on their way to being the first team to play the Super Bowl in their home stadium.

After coming all this way, here are five reasons why the Buccaneers are going to finish the job and win Super Bowl 55.

Balanced Attack

If there’s one thing that the Buccaneers have that the Chiefs don’t, it’s a balanced offensive attack. Granted, the Chiefs don’t necessarily need a strong rushing game since they have Patrick Mahomes. That being said, there’s nothing wrong with an offense that can be equally effective running and passing.

The emergence of Leonard Fournette during the playoffs has been transformational for the Tampa Bay offense. He’s back to being the kind of power back he was early in his career, giving the Bucs a productive running game, especially now that Ronald Jones is healthy and able to give Tampa a second viable running option.

Without a mobile quarterback, it’s all the more important that the Buccaneers be able to establish the running game. It’s not like Brady can run away from pressure. More importantly, the presence of Fournette and Jones will help to open up the play-action game for Brady and the Tampa Bay offense, keeping the Chiefs off balance defensively.

With their resurgent rushing attack, the Bucs will also have a chance to dominate time of possession, keeping Mahomes off the field and the Kansas City offense out of rhythm.

Pass Rush

The Buccaneers had a productive pass rush all season, but it really came alive in the NFC Championship Game against the Packers. Green Bay had no answer for Tampa’s pressure, as Shaquil Barrett and Jason Pierre-Paul combined for five sacks and forced several errant throws by Aaron Rodgers.

During the regular season, the Bucs relied a lot on their ability to blitz, as linebacker Devin White finished second on the team with nine sacks. However, the outside tandem of Barrett and JPP might be enough to give the Bucs a productive pass rush in the Super Bowl.

Keep in mind that the offensive line might be Kansas City’s biggest weakness in this game. With Eric Fisher getting hurt late in the AFC Championship Game, the Chiefs have had to reshuffle their offensive line, swinging Mike Remmers to left tackle and shifting Andrew Wylie to right tackle. Not only are the Chiefs missing Fisher but they have also had limited game time to adjust to playing without him. That could create serious problems for the Chiefs with Tampa’s defensive line at full strength and the prowess of Barrett and Pierre-Paul as edge rushers.

A Multitude of Targets

With all due respect to Tampa’s receivers, the Chiefs probably have the two best offensive skill players in the Super Bowl in Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce. But when it comes to the volume of playmakers, the Bucs have the advantage. For starters, Chris Godwin and Mike Evans make up one of the best wide receiver duo in the NFL. Neither is quite as scary as Hill, but together, they strike fear into any secondary and both have been productive during the playoffs. 

But the threats on the Tampa Bay offense don’t stop with Evans and Godwin. Antonio Brown came on strong late in the regular season and should be healthy for the Super Bowl. He might be the most talented No. 3 wide receiver in the NFL. Meanwhile, the Kansas City defense can’t sleep on Scotty Miller and Tyler Johnson. The Packers learned the hard way what Miller can do while Johnson is a rookie who has already earned Brady’s trust.

Finally, there is the tight end tandem of Cameron Brate and Rob Gronkowski. Brate actually has more catches than Evans during the playoffs while Gronkowski’s track record and history with Brady will make him a player capable of making a big difference in the Super Bowl.

Home-Field Advantage

Technically, this is a theoretical advantage for the Buccaneers. After all, no other team has ever played the Super Bowl on its home field before. It’s too soon to know if it’ll give the Bucs a discernible advantage. We also have to factor in the reduced crowd size. On top of that, the Buccaneers are only responsible for distributing some of the tickets, so it will be far from the regular Raymond James Stadium crowd.

On the other hand, the Buccaneers will be able to keep their weekly operations as normal as possible. They won’t have to worry about traveling or staying in a hotel. Being able to stay in their normal routine should prove helpful, especially for a team that’s now won seven straight games. With that in mind, any boost the Bucs get from the crowd will be considered icing on the cake in giving Tampa an advantage over Kansas City that’s hard to quantify but could prove useful in a close game.

Tom Brady

Last but not least, there’s the GOAT himself. Despite all of the talent around him, Brady was the biggest reason why the Bucs were considered Super Bowl contenders at the start of the season and he remains the biggest reason why those betting on Tampa Bay believe the Bucs will upset the Chiefs. He’s been in this position nine times before and been victorious on six of those occasions, which is the kind of track record that can’t be ignored.

Brady’s presence on the field plays an invaluable role in feeding Tampa’s confidence that they can win the Super Bowl. His teammates trust that Brady will rise to the occasions and make the plays necessary to lead them to a Super Bowl win because he’s done it so many times before. If we’re being honest, Mahomes is the better quarterback. He has more mobility and athleticism than Brady could ever dream of having, and at this point, Mahomes probably has more arm talent. But Brady still has more experience and owns all of the intangibles that play a role in winning a Super Bowl.

With that in mind, it’s difficult to bet against Brady and the Buccaneers finding a way to beat the Chiefs in Super Bowl 55.

Photo: Getty Images