October 6, 2021

3 NFL Teams That Need to Sign Stephon Gilmore, Ranked

In a stunning move Wednesday morning, the New England Patriots are planning to release All-Pro defensive back Stephon Gilmore

Rumors were swirling all offseason that the Pats could move on from Gilmore, but it was shocking to see Gilmore get released in the middle of the campaign. 

It won't take long for the 2019 NFL Defensive Player of the Year to find a new team despite still being weeks away from recovering from injury. 

With plenty of teams needing a corner and rumors that Gilmore could land in Green Bay with the Packers, we've ranked the three teams that need the 31-year-old cornerback's services the most. 

3. Cleveland Browns

The Browns have had one of the best defenses in the NFL so far this season and Gilmore would obviously be a great addition to their secondary. He would be paired up with Denzel Ward and make up one of the best cornerback duos in the league.

While that would be bad news for Greedy Williams and Greg Newsome — who have both played well this season — Gilmore will most likely be looking at a one-year deal and the Browns are looking to strike right now before they have to start making financial decisions this offseason. The Browns finally have a chance at winning their first Super Bowl, and Gilmore might just be the missing piece.

The Browns have had their eye on Gilmore dating back to last season when the Patriots started shopping him around. It is unclear how far those talks went, or how much the Browns were interested in him. But now that he is available without having to give up any assets, the Browns need to at least sniff around. 

2. Dallas Cowboys

There is no chance that Jerry Jones is not working the phones right now to get Gilmore in Dallas. That is how he rolls, and the Cowboys always need help in that secondary.

The Cowboys' pass defense ranks 23rd in yards per pass, 31st in passing yards allowed per game, and 20th in opponents' pass completion percentage. 

While those stats don't look great, the Cowboys' defense is much improved this season thanks to an infusion of speed and the emergence of Trevon Diggs and Micah Parsons. Who better to team up with Diggs to create a devastating tandem than Gilmore? 

The Cowboys, like the Browns, are hungry for some postseason success so they could make a big-time effort to ink the defensive back. 

The Cowboys have one of the top offenses in football and if the defense can improve, Dallas is a legit Super Bowl contender. Gilmore is the first step in the right direction for them.

1. Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs have gone to two straight Super Bowls and three consecutive AFC Championship appearances. 

If Kansas City wants to continue that streak, they'll need to improve on defense, immediately. 

The offense is still a juggernaut, but the defense is one of the worst in the league. K.C. needs help on defense and Gilmore is the best option available right now. The Chiefs will have a very hard time in the playoffs with this defense when the defending AFC champs inevitably have to run into the Ravens, Bills, Chargers, and Browns. 

The Chiefs defense ranks 27th in passing yards per game, 30th in yards per pass, and 26th in opponents' completion percentage. They have been cursed with injuries and COVID on the defense all year so far, but even when Kansas City gets to full strength for the first time this year, they need a talent like Gilmore. 

Photo: Getty Images