April 20, 2021

Here's Everything You Need to Know About That Wild Lakers Catfish Story

NBA Twitter has another bizarre chapter in its neverending saga.

A host of "The Laker Point Podcast" Vivian Flores — aka @Butterfly_424 on Twitter — allegedly went missing Sunday, but that's when things really started to get weird. 

Flores' podcast host, Josh Toussaint, spread the word that Flores was missing.

The post spread like wildfire in the hope that one of their Laker own was located. Even Lakers forward Markieff Morris and actor O'Shea Jackson Jr. tweeted about the situation. 

The official Lakers Twitter account was concerned, with Toussaint posting a screenshot of their alleged conversation.

Later, Toussaint tweeted that Flores had been found "alive and safe." 

So did they all live happily ever after? Not quite. That's when the internet sleuths got involved. 

As people started to dig into Flores' online persona, Nets superstar Kevin Durant somehow got involved. 

In a Twitter Spaces conversation, Twitter user @ItsKingsBruh revealed to the room, which included Durant, that he had been catfished by Flores.

Durant had a lot of questions, but overall played the therapist role pretty well. 

(Editor's Note: NSFW Language)

So how did everyone come to the conclusion that Flores was indeed a catfish? Let's start with the abysmal photoshops.

Lakers fans combed through Flores' Twitter to discover some very suspicious pictures that appear to be heavily photoshopped.

As the story continued to spiral out of control, fans started to look at Toussaint as a potential culprit in the catfishing scandal.

Flores reappeared on Twitter and denied that she's a catfish.

As all eyes turned to Toussaint, who resurfaced hours later with a Tweet admonishing himself for getting bamboozled after Flores stopped answering his texts.

He also showed alleged screenshots of his texts with Flores' "sister."

And the evidence continued to pile up.

It also appears that the person behind Flores' account is a lifelong catfish troll who has been up to these shenanigans for over a decade.

While there are plenty of questions to be answered — like when is the 30 for 30 documentary on this coming out? — NBA Twitter, of course, enjoyed the drama. 

Photo: Vivian Flores/Twitter