March 9, 2021
BY Lance Cartelli

Warriors Reportedly Promised to Take LaMelo Ball With No. 2 Pick in 2020 NBA Draft

LaMelo Ball is having a Rookie of the Year-caliber season for the Charlotte Hornets, but was he almost selected by the Golden State Warriors with the No. 2 pick? 

That's what ESPN's Jalen Rose said Tuesday on the "Jalen and Jacoby Podcast." 

Rose claimed that the Warriors even went so far as to promise Ball that they'd take him with the second pick in the 2020 NBA Draft. 

"I know they could have taken LaMelo," Rose said. "But I know why they didn’t. And by the way, the night of the draft, the Golden State Warriors told LaMelo Ball they were going to take him next and they didn’t do it.”

In the lead-up to the draft, the Warriors were rumored to be interested in the highly talented guard and James Wiseman, who they chose over Ball. 

Just before the draft, Klay Thompson blew his Achilles, which might have played a role in the team taking Wiseman over Ball. 

It'll be an interesting comparison as the two continue to grow and take over the league. 

Photo: Getty Images