November 11, 2020
BY Lance Cartelli

Rockets' Russell Westbrook Reportedly 'Wants Out of Houston'

Houston, the Rockets have more problems. 

After losing their general manager and coach, the Houston Rockets might be in danger of losing another key piece of their roster. 

Russell Westbrook, who was traded from the Thunder to the Rockets in 2019, is the latest star to want to leave the organization after playing with James Harden

In the acquisition of Westbrook, the Rockets traded the Point God Chris Paul, who reportedly butted heads with the 2018 MVP. Before that, Harden and Dwight Howard struggled to make it work on the court. 

It might be tough to deal Westbrook, though. 

The 31-year-old point guard still has two years and more than $85 million left on his deal, plus a $47 million player option in 2022. 

With any hopes of a Rockets roster being championship-worthy disintegrating, will Harden follow Westbrook's footsteps and ask for a trade, too? 

(Narrator: Apparently not). 

Photo: Getty Images